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Michael Jackson’s psychic correctly predicts her own death

MICHAEL JACKSON'S PSYCHIC 'CORRECTLY PREDICTS HER OWN DEATH'Michael Jackson's personal clairvoyant has died – after apparently predicting her own demise.
Jillian Lane, who billed herself as the number one celebrity psychic in Los Angeles, had confided in friend and colleague Dr Suzanne Yessayan that she believed she would die from liver disease.
She decided to come back from Los Angeles to spend her final months in South Wales where she died of the disease last week aged 53.
Dr Yessayan, who will be reading a eulogy at her funeral, said: “It is tragic. Jilian had predicted her own passing and, on this occasion, I hoped her prediction was wrong.”
Jillian, who referred to herself as an international medium, clairvoyant, spiritual consultant and healer, first met Jacko when he was in London to perform a concert and he phoned her helpline.
"He actually called one of my premium psychic lines one time when he was over in London a few years ago," said Jillian in an interview with the Wales on Sunday in 2009.
"He never revealed who he was, but I thought the squeaky voice sounded a bit familiar.
"After a while, he began to trust me and seemed impressed when I used my mediumship and talked about his loved ones in the spirit world, which he said turned out to be unbelievably accurate."
Close: Jilian said Michael Jackson flew her over to LA to meet face-to-face
Having gained the reclusive mega-star’s trust, Jillian said she would fly to his palatial home in Beverly Hills to meet with him face-to-face under cover of darkness and away from the paparazzi’s flashbulbs.
“It was so difficult to get to see him alone, he had so many people around him at all times,” said Jillian, who claimed to have discovered her spiritual ability after having her first out-of-body experience at the age of seven.
“If he so much as went shopping you’d know it because there’d suddenly be this swarm of cameras everywhere.
"So I’d pull up to his place, which was a massive chateau-like house in 90210, and always at about two or three in the morning he’d appear and jump in with his scarf pulled up around his face and we’d just drive.”
Jacko would reportedly "pour his heart out" to Jilian, revealing the pressure he felt about upcoming gigs.
The pair were so close the singer even bought her gifts including a diamond ring, claimed Jilian.
Jilian was laid to rest at Barry cemetery on Thursday.

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