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3 daughters marry on last day of mom’s life

A small section of a wedding cake. (Photo: John Stillwell, AP)Becky Swales' dream: to see her three daughters get married. Georgia sisters Jodie, Sarah, and Kaylee Swales were already engaged, Fox Atlanta reported earlier this month, and when they found out their mother — who'd been fighting breast cancer for four years — had just months to live, they decided on a triple wedding. They picked Oct. 26 as the date, giving them less than a month to plan. But, Fox Atlanta reports, they found out last week Swales' time was running even shorter, so they pushed up the ceremony to Sunday. Their mom watched from the front row, and then passed away early Monday.
Dad Otis Swales walked all three of his daughters down the aisle, and Jodie called their wedding day "bittersweet" before the ceremony.
"We are happy that she's here, but this will probably be the last big thing that we do with her," she said.
She posted this afterward on Facebook: "She was the most beautiful person I knew, and I bet she is the most beautiful angel."
When the family's story first made headlines, donations poured in to help give the sisters a dream wedding. The reception they planned, at a donated venue, will still be held Oct. 26.

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