May God Strike Me Dead If I Ever Had Sex With That Gucci Mane” – Nicki Minaj

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Rapper Gucci, 33, went on a bizarre Twitter rant criticising Eminem and Drake before bragging about his alleged sexual encounters with Minaj.Nicki Minaj has denied rapper Gucci Mane’s claims he had sex with her –  tweeting the rapper is in “dire need of rehab”.

Gucci spent an entire day criticising other artists including Drake, Eminem and 2 Chainz before writing about his alleged sexual conquests in the music industry.

The Gooch boasted about his relationship Minaj and claimed he lived with her when she was staying in Atlanta while being managed by his former manager Deb Antney – who was his pal and estranged Brick Squad crew member Waka Flocka Flame’s mother.

The curvy songstress reacted after the MC wrote: “Me and waka [estranged crew member Waka Flocka Flame] f*** nikki minaj dats nothing [SIC]”

In the broken English posts, the 33-year-old rapper also bragged he has pictures of Minaj in his bed.

But the Super Bass singer quickly responded: “May God strike me dead if I ever had sex wit that man,” also mocking his “#ugliness.”

She then added: “Ok Gee called me. *goes back to playing nice* that was fun tho I’m praying 4 him. 4real. He’s sick and in dire need of rehab.  #Love .”

Not taking too kindly to the suggestion of rehab Gucci replied:

“Tell. Her intervention my d**k in her throat I moved dat b***h to atl. B***h u sleepin n d car. B***h I pulled dat b***h off wayne bus.”

The controversial meltdown comes during a difficult time for Gucci who has been feuding with artists and former associates on his record label The Brick Squad.

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