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Navy gives recruiters the boot

One sailor had committed adultery. Another was involved in a domestic dispute. The third committed "alcohol-related harassment."
The Navy ordered the three recruiters to pack their duffel bags and find different jobs.
They are three of 60 troops found unfit for duty after the Pentagon re-screened its sailors, per Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's orders. The move came after the military announced this spring that 26,000 troops had been sexually assaulted in 2012, a 35% increase over 2010.
In all, 60 troops working as recruiters, instructors or sexual assault counselors have been disqualified after their records were re-examined. USA TODAY first reported that earlier this month. Two Navy counselors were also removed from their jobs. No Marines or airmen were disqualified. The Army barred 55 soldiers from sensitive posts, and more suspensions may be coming; it has not yet completed its screening of about 20,000 soldiers.
News about what got troops the boot has been slow in coming. A document obtained by USA TODAY showed the Army's criteria for suspension included evidence of sexual harassment or assault, prostitution, incest, adultery, stalking, even bestiality.
The Army has not responded to requests to detail the violations it found among the disqualified soldiers.
Each service has had struggled to contain sexual assault within its ranks.
There have been several examples in the last year:
• More than a dozen trainers at the Air Force's main training base have been convicted of sexually abusing trainees.
• An Army sergeant in charge of sexual assault prevention at Ft. Hood is under investigation for running a prostitution operation.
• The Marines had the highest rate of sexual abuse, according to the Pentagon, with nearly 30% of women said they suffered unwanted sexual contact by another military member.
• Three midshipmen at the Naval Academy were charged this summer with sexual assault of a female classmate.

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