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Mom to driver in daughter’s death: ‘I would kill you’

CINCINNATI — William Black was so concerned about the reckless driver he saw speeding and weaving in and out of traffic last year that he used used his cellphone to shoot a video of the dangerous driver and predicted a crash.
Black was right, seconds later driving up on the July 16, 2012, wreck on Ohio 128 in Whitewater Township. A 1993 Ford Explorer driven by Dennis Alsip Jr., 20, landed on top of a car driven by Lisa Hasting, 22, killing the EMT.
Alsip was convicted in June of aggravated vehicular homicide and, in a Thursday hearing, was sentenced to the maximum of eight years in prison by Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Nadine Allen. But Alsip also took a long verbal beating from Hasting's family who said Alsip should have been the one to die.
"I hate you," Karen Hasting, mother of the dead woman, screeched at Alsip. "I have wishes for you and I hope they all come true. I wish you have a painful, miserable life. I wish you nothing but bad luck and bad health."
The mother brought to Thursday's hearing several photo enlargements of her daughter before the crash and as she struggled for her life in the hospital after it. The mother spewed her hatred at Alsip and insisted she wanted to impose the sentence.
"I would kill you like you killed my daughter," Karen Hasting told Alsip as about 30 people in the audience supported Hasting.
"If you were put out to the street on garbage day, Rumpke wouldn't want you … you useless piece of crap. You are going to spend eternity in hell."
Alsip, Assistant Prosecutor Rick Gibson told the judge, was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs when he chose to drive the day he killed Lisa Hasting. The judge said she was disappointed the law only allowed her to send Alsip to prison for eight years for his crime.

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