P-Square’s Brother Jude Okoye Reveals Why He Doesn’t Work With Other Artistes

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Meet the brain behind the P-Square brothers, he is no other person than Jude Engees Okoye. Started from the  bottom, now things have changed from the days when he used to be a bus conductor to the time he now controls landed properties and exotic cars! In a recent interview with Afolabi Oyekoya, he revealed the rosy life of the P-Square brothers, their relationship, secrets and his reasons for not shooting other artistes videos.

Read excerpts below;

Q.     Why did Paul stop dancing. It was obvious in the ‘Personally’ video that he wasn’t into dance anymore?

You see what we do here is a division of labour. Socially Peter is more in the news but when it comes to production Paul takes over. He takes care of all the songs and their production and when it comes to performance Peter takes care of it. Songs to be performed at are determined by Paul while Peter determines how to perform them. Peter also is in charge of rehearsals.

Q.     You are known for directing P-Square’s videos , why have you refused to shoot videos for other artistes?

I wish I could shoot videos for other artistes, but it is quite unfortunate that I can’t. P-Square being the biggest Nigerian artiste are my brothers and if I shoot a video for someone else and people don’t accept it the way they have accepted P-Squares video, the person might assume I did not put as much effort as I would have into P-Square’s video. It is a personal and sentimental comment when people feel this way and I wouldn’t like it.

Q.     Can you tell us P-Squares investment so far?

There is nothing much that people are not aware of . P-Square is basically into real estate, they buy, build construct houses everywhere even in America and other African countries. We have a bakery, a house in Jos, landed properties etc, The basic business apart from music is real estate.

Q.     Tell us about the speculation concerning your moving Square Ville mansion from Omole to Lekki?

It is actually not in Lekki but in Ikoyi. We shall be moving into Parkview Estate in Ikoyi by this time next year. It is a twin duplex anyone can ever dream of. It has everything including a gym, a swimming pool, a bar, basketball court, etc. It is a massive building. When the time is right you will find out about everything.

Q.     Rumours have it that you have a property in Lekki, how true is it?

Yeah! It is normal for me to do that. There are things that are personal that you don’t want people to know  but considering one’s job you can’t hide it. People will always find out. We all can’t live together forever and when time is right we will have our families and live separately even though we are still one family.

Q.     Whats your reason for being strict?

I won’t say I am strict neither neither am I shroud. I just have a policy I respect and follow. If a company like Louis Vuitton is manufacturing their product ‘anyhow’ people will take it anyhow and not respect it. You have to consider the way human beings think because if you take your business seriously they will also take it seriously.

What do you think of the brother-brother relationship between the family?

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