NOLLYWOOD: Fear Grips Tonto, Denies Writing Marijuana Tweet

 TontoFear may have gripped controversial actress, Tonto Charity Dikeh after the NDLEA reportedly threatened to investigate her posts online on Thursday and possibly throw her in jail for at least 5 years for allegedly encouraging or using the banned narcotic.

Apparently worried by the reactions the post and the NDLEA reported investigation created, the actress denied the post and claimed that a fan wrote the post and not her.

Tonto said, “A fan wrote the words with herbs on my birthday, and i replied: 'thank you teampoko'. Now, how does someone else's action become my crime?

"If I said those words ('Mi smoke gaja mi smoke wee while my haters smoke ma gossip'), I will stand by them but I didn't. Just because it is convenient for people to believe the lies still doesn't make it the truth.

"The whole thing is falsified by people who just love to have fun at other's expense. Let's put some thought to some of the things we write. Don't just cut and paste. If you cannot find me holding a wrap of marijuana, then you may want to slow down on your assumptions."

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