BBA in Egoli: 9ija’s Karen, MW’s Lomwe, SA’s Luclay tipped to win

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After 91 days of laughs, fights and tears, Big Brother is ready to dish out $200, 000 each to two winners, MaraPost’s Derek Mapondera sizes up the finalists

BLANTYRE—It’s bitterly cold in Egoli, South Africa but the temperature is slowly but surely rising in the Big Brother Amplified (BBA) house as contenders and millions of viewers across Africa countdown to D-day: July 31.

The question everyone is asking is: Who will be the two winners of $200, 000 each?

The answer lies in three of the seven housemates – Wendall, Karen, Lomwe, Vina, Hanni, Luclay and  Sharon O – who have made it to the finals. Even if one doesn’t win the 200 grand, there will be a consolation prize of $10, 000 for each finalist.

There are three housemates viewers are willing to bet their money on. They are Karen of Naija, Luclay of South Africa and Lomwe of Malawi

“The three seem to have been the most entertaining,” said a Chinyonga resident, Dominique, in Blantyre.

The highly-temperamental Karen, who had some angry verbal fights with Luclay, is tipped to win the first $200, 000.

But Karen will have to attract more votes because she is competing with “black cat” Vina, also from Nigeria. Will Vina split the vote for Karen?

This is one of the firsts as two housemates from one country, Nigeria, have reached the finals and will have to share the votes.

Vina has been head of the house twice, including last week when she famously or infamously – depends on how you look at it – swapped Karen for Lomwe but the Malawian survived the eviction.

The seemingly no-nonsense Luclay has been consistent and seems to be Africa’s favourite. An actor by profession, he, like Karen, brought his A-game to the show staged in his homeland. This is the first time a South African has reached the paid ranks and Luclay will need strong support from home to carry him over the finish line.

Malawi’s Lomwe has been popular with the girls in the house. He went to the horn of Africa and turned his charm on Ethiopia’s Hanni but it didn’t seem to have its full effect. But with the patience of a fisherman, the ladies’ man’s spell did catch Kim from neighbouring Zambia and the two redefined what it means to be neighbours. They were seen kissing on the show.

Lomwe is the second Malawian to reach the finals, after Hazel Warren who actually tied with Angolan Rico who eventually won the ultimate prize.

The two housemates who will pocket the $200, 000 each will have to collect the most country votes.

The BBA show ends Sunday after the housemates were locked in the house for three months in the golden city, Johannesburg, South Africa, the sixth time the organisers staged Big Brother in Africa.

Watch this space for what happens next.–maravipost

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