Sexiest in Nollywood Season 3: Nominations open

Genevie Nnaji: Sexiest Woman in Nollywood 2008; Jim Iyke: Sexiest Man in Nollywood, 2008; Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde: Sexiest Woman in Nollywood 2009

Sexiest in Nollywood started in 2008 like a joke but that joke was taken seriously by the public and it became a hype that rocked the entertainment industry like a thunderbolt.

It was simply meant to be a public opinion poll but the attention it got turned it into an award of sort with the industry watchers  buying the idea.

The first edition in 2008 saw Genevieve Nnaji winning the crown of the Sexiest Woman in Nollywood with Ini Edo and Mercy Johnson in second and third places respectively.

The men’s category took the centre stage after the women were hosted at Vanguard’s corporate headquarters in Lagos and over 25 men were nominated to slug it out for the ultimate crown. It was Jim Iyke who took home the crown, followed  by   Desmond Elliot and Emeka Ike respectively.

Because the contest wasn’t meant to be an award, the winners were also hosted at the Vanguard’s corporate office in Lagos and when we thought we could just put a lid on it, the public went crazy, demanding for the contest to hold annually.

With several suggestions coming from different quarters,  it was expanded from just voting the ‘Sexiest Man’ and ‘Woman’ in Nollywood to other categories and more winners emerged.

Then the ‘Sexiest Man’ in Nollywood was broken down to four categories with the ultimate winner, being the person who has the highest cumulative score from all the four categories. The categories were: The Most Handsome Face of Nollywood; The Hunk of Nollywood; The Sexiest Voice of Nollywood and the Sexiest Smile of Nollywood.

The women category also got the same alteration with the Sexiest Woman in Nollywood being the woman who has the highest cumulative score in all of the sub categories, namely: The Prettiest Face of Nollywood; The Best Booty of Nollywood; The Best Boobs of Nollywood and the Sexiest Voice of Nollywood.

In 2009, the Sexiest in Nollywood Reloaded came on stream and again the members of the public were invited to nominate contenders. By then, the hype was at its feverish pitch and nominations came from all over the world.

Fifty nominees were voted in for the categories and the contest was as fierce as it could get. But the golden rule was that only one vote was allowed by a voter per week and the results were

Vote for your nominees
As usual, Vanguard has never had a hand in picking the nominees who run in the ‘quest’. The task is left open for the members of the public to do so. The first 25 nominees who have the highest number of votes are picked as the contenders in the ‘quest’. So start voting.

The only alteration to this year’s ‘quest’ is that the past winners are not eligible to vote. The past winners which are not eligible in the quest are: Jim Iyke, 2008 Sexiest Man in Nollywood; Desmond Elliot, 2009 Sexiest Man in Nollywood, Genevieve Nnaji, Sexiest Woman in Nollywood 2008 and Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Sexiest Woman in Nollywood 2009. Apart from these four past winners, every actor or actress in Nollywood is eligible for nomination.

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