Why Nigeria hip hop artist Damino Damoche was killed

Olaniyan Damilola

Fact emerging has it that budding hip hop artist, Olaniyan Damilola, popularly known as “Damino Damoche,” was killed due to his association with campus fraternity in his school, Lagos State University, LASU.

The attack was said to be a reprisal from a rival gang, as Damoche was alleged to be a member of a confraternity on the campus.

Damoche was shot dead Thursday afternoon by suspected campus fraternity gangs outside the school premises.

The incident took place at about 4:30 p.m. Nigerian time. Eyewitnesses said Damoche’s assailants apparently trailed him on a motorbike after he finished a class test in Banking and Finance. He was a 400 level student.

The late hip hop star was shot twice, in the head and on the left hand, with what appeared to be a high caliber weapon. He lay dead for several hours before policemen took his body away in a pick-up van.

Damoche was born in Lagos Nigeria into a family of 3 but a native of Ogun State.

He started his music trade with some guys called “Middle Guys”. When things did not go well, he went as a solo artiste and got parties rocking, picking up the microphone at a very tender age, doing music underground and as well organizing street shows.

His hit songs include “OBO TO CHE” Featuring Skaliey, And ‘Fall In The Circle’ featuring- DRAMA, & Feel Aray Featuring Stormy Zino & IQ(House Of Ginjah).

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