Nollywood most celebrated marriages!

Olu Jacobs and Joke SilverDespite the regular cases of crashing of marriages in Nollywood, which has almost become synonymous with the industry, these couples have been able to prove to the world that something good can come out of the industry.  Hear what they have to say about their marriages….

Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva

One of Nollywood  marriages that has become a reference point in Nigeria today is that of Olu Jacob and his wife, Joke Silva. The couple keyed into each other, and look at each other like partners in progress, not rivals. Olu Jacobs, a veteran actor and his wife, also an actress of great repute, have become role models to many young people in Nigeria.

They have been able to build a nearly perfect union that is worthy of emulation. Unlike most Nollywood marriages, the union has been scandal free and very blissful. The marriage has been in place for well over 25 years with children.

Olu has this to say; “It is always good when God gives you your friend as spouse, when you meet your friend as your wife, life would be much easier because when others fail, you would succeed with friendship. Joke is more than a friend to me, she is a mother, a friend and a very caring, generous and deep persona.”

Jide and Henrieta Kosoko

Another celebrated marriage in Nollywood is that of Jide Kosoko and his plum wife, Henrietta who is also an actress. Jide and Henrietta have been able to make their marriage stand the taste of time despite the odds.  The fact that the actor is a polygamist has not made a mess of his love for his Delta State-born wife.

Norbert and Gloria Young

Norbert and Gloria Anozie-Young have been married for over 11 years  without any regret. Their marriage which has produced three beautiful kids was initially trailed by criticisms. But today, the union has stood the taste of time. Gloria was one of the very few top actresses who adorned the screen in the 90s.

Her colleague in the industry accused her of snatching her husband from her, and went all out to discredit the marriage. But despite her criticisms, Gloria and her beau have moved on, enjoying the best that marriage life can offer them.

Zack and Ngozie Orji

Zack and his wife, Ngozie have successfully lived as a perfect match. Overtime, they have learnt to place their marriage above individual interests. They have been married for 23 years and are blessed with three lovely children. His first son, Leo’nel is making a career in music.

In one of his interviews, Zack owes the success of their marriage to mutual understanding and their determination to make it work. “What has us going is our resolve to make it work. We decided that it had to work and we made serious efforts to make it work. If you agree as a couple, God would make it work. We realised a long time ago, that as man and woman, we lacked the power to make it work on our own. We make sacrifices, especially as a children are involved,” he says

Patrick and Ireti Doyle

married for some years now and still have the newness of love blossoming in their union. Patrick sought the hand of Ireti in marriage after he lost his former wife to the cold hands of death some years back. Interestingly, both Pat and Ireti are making a living out of acting.  The couple is blessed with six children, four from Pat’s earlier marriage.



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