Nollywood: Stingomania unveils first reality show on music video production


Not many music videos shown on local and terrestrial television these days have a feel of style, quality and cinematic splendor. Concerned about the low quality and artistic visuals of the music videos been churned out these days in the Nigerian entertainment industry and the low human capacity building initiative that is very prevalent among the youths of today, the management of Stingomania Entertainment have taken it upon themselves to create a music video production camp reality TV show tagged MVP CAMP REALITY T.V SHOW.

MVP is an acronym which means music video production. The reality television show will commence in the month of March. The MVP show will feature 50 well spirited and ambitious individuals who will be camped in a house for the duration of 21 days. While in the house, the individuals will be exposed to various trainings on the subject matter of music video production by the industry’s finest producers: Clarence Peters, DJ Tee, Patrick Ellis, Afam D Man and AK One and they will also get to be mentored by these professionals in the music video industry.

The aim of this reality show is expose the 50 individuals to the nitty gritty involved in producing a very decent and quality music video. For the first time in the history of the Nigerian music industry, a reality television show is been devoted to the art of music video production. The final camp will be aired on major TV networks in Nigeria which will include the NTA network, STV, AIT, OGTV, BTV, STAR TIMES, GALAXY and TVC.

This entry is open to musicians, dancers, choreographers, models, actors, actresses, video directors, cameramen, editors, production assistants, graphic artists, make up lines, set designers, welfare and caterers. To add pep to the MVP, seasoned and experienced music video producers will be on hand at the reality TV show to impact their knowledge on the house mates and also help in developing inherent qualities in them.

To register for the reality show, individuals are to pay the sum of N5, 000 but the management of Stingomania know that the target market for this reality are the youths, so considering the present harsh economic conditions in the country, individuals are required to pay the sum of N2, 5OO provided payment is made before the 10th of February, 2012.

The registration for the show is in progress and entry forms are now on sale. Intending participants at the reality show are expected to register at the event’s website at, registration closes on 28th of February, 2012.

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