NIGERIA: Katherine Obiang finds love in Nollywood

Upcoming Nollywood actress Kate EdohoDefinitely, she  must have felt very low when her romance with her ex- husband who is the host of the MTN “Who wants to

be a Millionaire”, Frank Edoho crashed.

As a woman who won’t allow her past to jeopardise  her future, she picked the pieces of her life and ventured into acting.

The beautiful  Katherine Obiang, ever since who featured in Ashionye’s film, “ Journey To Self” has found acting so interesting and doesn’t feel like quitting for now.

She didn’t just stop at the Ashionye’s movie,  she is due  to star in another movie titled, “Lekki Wives” which will soon be out.

She would also be starring in Blessing Egbe’s drama series alongside Kiki Omeili, Adaora Ukoh, Keira Hewatch and Chininso Young.

The series will chronicle the lives of 5 women who lived at the high end part of the Lagos metropolis, Lekki.


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