Nigerian Idol 3: More clowns at Owerri audition

29122012C-Nonye benLast week, the Nigerian Idol Season 3 audition in Owerri, the capital of Imo State, was broadcast on television.

The attendance was not only impressive, it was unprecedented. As soon as the judges arrived at the venue, all the intending ‘idols’ happily welcomed the judges, who kept on signing autographs for them.

As usual, the judges were blunt. One of them told a contestant that he was a total joke and unsuitable for the contest. “You are not cool to be a Nigerian Idol. We don’t think you will go anywhere in this competition,” the judge said.

The second contestant was even worse and Femi Kuti, who was visibly pissed off, told him, “You sang like somebody who is being strangled.”

The contestant didn’t take kindly to that stinging comment. Angrily, he slammed the door shut as he went out backstage and with tears rolling down his eyes,  he complained to the host, Ill Rymes: “They freaked me out. They could have been more polite to me.”

And after many other clowns and jokers had been auditioned and they received some bashing from the judges, the ones with reasonable musical talent eventually performed and they got positive nods from the judges.

Contestants like Debbie, Richard Tasie and Chuks Ngokere got three ‘yeses’ from the judges.  But the golden ticket, which could have automatically qualified a contestant for the top 100, eluded those who auditioned in Owerri auditions.

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