Nkiru Sylvanus: Fidelis Duker warns Entertainers against frolicking with Politicians

Nkiru-SylvanusRenowned film producer and founder of the Abuja International Film Festival, Mr. Fidelis Duker has advised his  colleagues in the Entertainment Industry to shine their eyes when  frolicking with politicians – OFFICIALLY or UNOFFICIALLY.
According to him, when it is a public knowledge that an artiste is very close to the corridor of power, kidnappers and other people with negative intentions may interpret it to mean that the person will have a lot to give out if captured or intimidated.

 Speaking to PUNCH, he said: “I am not saying that anyone who has an opportunity to serve the people or participate in government should not do so.duker-189x300
But there is a general perception that many of us are close to politicians and that they will readily bail us out if we get into trouble. Apart from those holding one political office or the other, many of us are close to politicians and openly relate with them.
The fact is that you don’t know who and who are watching you. You don’t know kidnappers. They live among us.”
He also reminded those who were in the habit of showing off and bragging about their latest vehicles to show they have arrived. Unknown to them, they were arriving one step closer to the boys of the underworld . He who has ears, let him  _____ ?

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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