Wedding bells are fast approaching for the Phone Swap star Wale Ojo

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Wedding bells are fast approaching for the ‘Phone Swap’ star, Wale Ojo.  In an interview with Vanguard, this Nollywood hunk hinted that he has found the love of his life and is very likely to be married next year. Wale even confesses that one of the reasons why he relocated from the United Kingdom to Nigeria was to find his missing rib.

Talk about the journey of a thousand miles…well, a good wife is hard to find! No wonder Wale is tightlipped about the lucky lady’s identity.

Until it happens to a celebrity

Before it happened to a politician’s daughter, little was heard of corrective actions taken against soldiers who brutalized innocent civilians on the streets of Nigeria. Before kidnappings became a crime against the rich, how many who napped ordinary citizens where charged to court?

Now, the police in Lagos state have turned the roads into a racing ground, where they chase Danfo and Okada at dangerous speed; sometimes repeatedly hitting vehicles that house innocent civilians. It doesn’t matter if the bus is full, or that people could get hurt.

If a traffic law is broken, of what value is human life? After all, no celebrity would ever ride an Okada or board a Danfo !

Streets of calabar:  ‘LIKE’ or ‘UNLIKE?’

The much talked about movie, ‘Streets of Calabar’ premieres today in Calabar. You will like streets of Calabar if you like incredible acting masked with mis-matched music. You’d love this movie, if you love genius script writing, with just a few things that don’t add up. You’d enjoy watching this movie, if you’re sitting beside your sweetheart in the theatre, because you’d have someone to hold when unnecessary sound effects go off.

No doubt, beautiful cinematography will cover up for ill spoken Nigerian pidgin that will make you cringe, and the clips of a tourism centre will make you forget just how boring some scenes are.  All in all, you’d have to go see for yourself!

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