Hollywood:I Don’t Know Why I’m Still Single” – P Diddy

diddy2“‘Why I’m not married yet?, I don’t have the exact reason. Some things in life you don’t have the exact reason for”, says P.Diddy.

Who needs a commitment for what you can get freely? He already has 6 kids from 3 different women, dated tons of women and there still millions of ladies out there that will give up anything (even their marriage) for a one-night stand with him.

During an appearance on the day-time TV show The View on ABC network to promote his newly released CD, ‘Last Train to Paris’. Diddy was asked by co-host, Barbara Walters why he has not married one of his baby mamas.

Clearly caught off guard, Diddy danced around the issue, first admitting he isn’t ready for marriage, then blaming the fact that he grew up without a father.
‘My father was killed when I was three years old… I never got a chance to see the way a family lives, but I’m not making an excuse.’

Not satisfied with his answer, Walters further inquired, ‘Six children by three women, how much time do you need?’

Diddy cut her off saying: ‘I get to spend a lot of time with my children. Everybody has a different life. Mine and your life is totally different. â€™That’s the way it is. My life works for me, it works for my family.’

He is the biological father of five children and a stepfather to one.

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