Nollywood: Aki turns football promoter

AkiStar-actor, Chinedu Ikedieze (MFR), recently donated a trophy to his hometown, Bende, in Abia State, to further promote peaceful co-existence among indigenes of the state. The football competition was named Uzuakoli Peace Cup.

Speaking on why he donated the trophy, Aki said, “I donated the cup to my community to promote peace and unity.

It was named Uzuakoli Peace Cup. This was part of activities preceding my one month vacation.” At the end of the competition, a winner emerged. The actor, who was present at the trophy presentation described the camaraderie the competition brought to his community as a solid foundation for lasting peace.

“When young people work and play together, love grows, there is also peace in that society. That was why I decided to sponsor that mini competition while I was on vacation. I had to fly back home for the trophy presentation and return to my family. Next year, we will strive to make the competition take a larger scope by involving the entire Local Government Council. We just pray that we get the required funds to do that,” Aki said.

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