Jonathan vs Buhari: Nollywood Entertainers sing discordant tunes

bobAHEAD of the presidential election next month, there is a palpable excitement running through every sector of the country, including the entertainment industry, which had until now been relatively apolitical. As some entertainers have made it clear, the stake of the industry in the socio-economic fortunes of the country has risen exponentially and has thus conferred on it as much right as any to be part of the political process.

For the highest office in the land, the pendulum seems to be swinging the way of only two candidates for the Aso Villa: President Goodluck Jonathan and General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd). Just as the whole citizenry seems to be torn between the two, the entertainment enclave of Nigeria also has its discordant tunes.

From movie stars to music stars to the comedians, there isn’t any consensus of opinion as to who has been endorsed by the entertainers. Their choices are as divergent as many as they are:

No one has the right to endorse anyone on behalf of the industry — Bob Manuel-Udokwu

DON’T listen to those attention seekers who claim they speak for our industry. They have
no mandate to endorse any candidate on behalf of the industry. I speak for myself alone on this matter and I believe that’s how it is supposed to be. Having said that, I endorse Goodluck Jonathan to continue as president. He has clear ideas and practical programmes to positively transform Nigeria.

He needs more time to actualise his vision for Nigeria but Nigerians want immediate result which is wrong. The result/benefits of most of Jonathan’s programmes today will be seen/felt long after he completes his second term in office. He is the only president of Nigeria to notice the viability of the entertainment industry and takes practical steps to assist the multi-million naira industry which is second largest employer of labour outside the civil service!

16 years is enough for Nigerians to try another political platform — Foluke Daramola

Foluke DaramolaOBVIOUSLY, it is Buhari because I want positive change for my country. I am a progressive by all standard and I believe in a visionary leadership and governance not monetarily and materially inclined one. We all want money, but my husband will always tell me to always seek first the place of integrity and honour and every other thing, like my Bible says, shall be added unto me .

Buhari is a man of such integrity and honour and that is why people like me and many other Nigerians of values are rising around this time to support his cause. I believe strongly in a new Nigeria that works for the benefit of all Nigerians now and even our children to come. I believe that 16 years is enough for Nigerians to try another political platform for the urgent change Nigeria deserves. So I have adopted Nigeria for change under the able leadership of General Buhari.

Jonathan has done nothing for Nigerians in the last six years — Ronke Ojo

I ENDORSE Buhari because Jonathan has not done anything for Nigerians in the last six years. There is spilling of too much blood in his regime and more than anything he is a weak man.

No Nigerian President has faced more distractions than Jonathan — Mr Ibu

SINCE His Excellency, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,  Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan assumed office as Commander-in-Chief I have never seen a president that has faced huge distractions as Jonathan yet he has results. All these years, there has been no case of scarcity of petroleum products or unnecessary increment of fuel prices and the South-south quarrels came to an end.

mr-ibu111The issue of bombing was actually perpetrated by prominent Nigerians probably because they desire power. Look, let us give Jonathan a chance and support him in making sure he finishes his tenure in grand style. He is not going to be there all his life, four years is not too much, let him round off and leave, then anybody who thinks he is better can now come in to do his best

Buhari, because all this massacre has to stop — Ayo Adesanya

I WANT Buhari because I want change. I am so tired of the state of the nation; the stagnation is disheartening, especially the faith of kids in the north. The female suicide bombers I believe are the Chibok girls. I am so tired of seeing the Boko Haram mayhem everyday. All this massacre has got to stop, I believe Buhari can bring about the much needed change

Jonathan must continue the transformation agenda– Mosun Filani

I HAVE endorsed Jonathan for second term, principally for him to continue the transformation agenda he has started. It does not make sense truncating all these laudable programmes just on the share sentiment of wanting a northerner to become the president.

Nigeria is faced with multi-faceted problems and challenges and it requires a man who is in touch with realities of modern times to tackle it. How would you expect a man who is not computer literate or abreast with the global technological advancement to tackle the present modern challenges? He will definitely take Nigeria back fifty years if such a person becomes president.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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