Nkiru Sylvanus set to wed Oge Okoye’s ex-husband, Stanley Duru

NkiruThis gist has been trending since last week.Needed to be sure before I blog about it and this is what happenedNollywood actress, Oge Okoye, has reportedly separated from her husband Stanley Duru, but in one of the most unusual manners.

Oge seems to have walked away from her marriage to allow her friend and colleague, Nkiru Sylvanus, marry Stanley Duru.Rumours had it that Nkiru Sylvanus was in a relationship with Stanley Duru before he impregnated Oge Okoye. As such, Nkiru had to leave the relationship for Oge, who now has two kids for Stanley.
Nonetheless, the two love birds, Stanley and Nkiru, seem to have found their rhythm once again, and this time Oge has to be the one to leave.Nkiru and Stanley will be walking down the aisle soon, and Nollywood fans are patiently waiting to see it unfold in the most dramatic fashion.Now this is the history behind the whole drama Oge and Nkiru both started off as Enugu actresses and long before Oge allegedly met and started dating Stanley,he was already dating Nkiru and both were in a relationship that many thought was altar bound.According to Rumor Merchants, Nkiru was heart broken when she heard Stanley had allegedly married Oge but only found out after that Stanley paid Oge's bride price after the birth of their first child together.

A few years back Oge Okoye allegedly had a scandal in Berlin which they say rocked the very foundation of the love she shared with Stanley but they patched things up and continued with the Marriage.Seems Stanley and Nkiru reconnected somehow and fell in love again and began to plan a wedding.Both families have met and i heard wedding was either fixed This December Is it that Oge snatched Stanley and Nkiru has Snatched him back or it is a case of love always wins in the end?
Actress Oge Okoye who is thoroughly heartbroken is presently visiting her mum in Spain and has her two children for Stanley Duru in tow.Nollywood actresses are angry over this union and all are totally on Oge Okoye's side and many scream ''what in heavens name will possess someone to marry her colleagues husband'?

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