hot Nollywood actors Emeka Ike and Jim Iyke are currently on loggerheads following an adultery mess totally gone wrong

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In what feels a little like the plot of a B movie, hot Nollywood actors Emeka Ike and Jim Iyke are currently on loggerheads following an adultery mess totally gone wrong.

The two actors were in Baltimore, United States of America to shoot a movie (Title Undisclosed) where one Phillip a United States resident and a good friend of Emeka Ike accused the actor of sleeping with his wife Ruth Okoro. Emeka denied it all putting all the blame on Jim Iyke and not only accusing him of framing him up but also calling Jim Iyke a low life small boy'.

Phillip and Emeka Ike have a friendship that span over fifteen years and Phillip claims to have supported Emeka during his rise to fame, and to have even given him some funds to shoot a movie, something he claims Emeka never did. He also claims that Emeka has been sneaking into the U.S every now and then to sleep with his wife.

Emeka on the other hand agrees that someone has been sleeping on Phillips bed, but that someone is Jim Iyke. Emeka claims that when Ruth Okoro came into the country sometime last year, Jim Iyke harassed her so much her husband Phillip begged Emeka  Ike to talk to him. He also claims that Jim is out to bring him down and Phillip who he says is a crook involved in Visa scams in the U.S is also obviously jealous because he just purchased a Touareg and opened his own Secondary School.

The whole thing started when Emeka called Phillip from his hotel room and told Phillip (who was in Huston on business) that Jim was having an affair with his wife. In fumes, Phillip called Jim, and Jim retorted in annoyance telling Phillip that if he really wanted to know what was going on, he should take the next flight and come see for himself. Phillip did just that.

When Phillip got to the hotel, he met Jim with his girlfriend and his wife with Emeka. He was so furious he was about to cause a ruckus the police had to get him out of the hotel, telling him if he had any issues he should go to court.

He says after the incidence he says Emeka claims to be in a cult and is threatening to kill when he comes to Nigeria.

Phillip is talking to the press and has also reported the situation to the Acting Guild of Nigeria who shouldn't have any say on the personal life of actors but give advice. Jim Iyke isn't saying very much, he couldn't be less bothered and says God has vindicated him

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