I Did Not Run Away From Home As Many Thought–DJ Switch

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Nigeria’s sensational rapper, Obianuju Catherine Udeh, popularly known as DJ Switch, who was crowned Africa’s first X-Factor winner last year, has attributed her success to hard work and prayer.

This dynamic all-round 29 years old entertainer spoke with Nigeriafilms.com on her pathway to fame, correcting the people’s popular wrong perception of her away from home and her undying passion for music.

How is life treating you after X Factor?

I thank God for my life. Life after X-Factor has changed for good. It’s the only obvious thing that can happen after a show like that. I feel like I’m closer to my dreams. Now, I can’t really move freely as before, going out is somehow restricted. I’m more careful; people are watching and expecting much from me after the show.

With the new status of yours, do you intend to rebrand the name DJ-Switch?

There may be a re-branding, but the truth is that I’m a DJ. Though, a lot of people think I only sing but I can be DJ-Switch when I am on the steel wheel in events, and when I’m performing at another event as a musician, it can be Switch.

Any project presently?

Yea, I’m recording albums, promoting my songs. Though, I have had quite a number of setbacks in life but I don’t think that shouldn’t stop anyone from doing what they are supposed to do. Presently, I’m in the studio, recording and the rest will be said later.

A lot of people know you as a rapper, are you still maintaining that role or venturing into another genre of music?

I will say the X-Factor competition brought out some hidden talents in me. I didn’t even know that I can rap, and at the same time sing and dance, but with the help of the show, I can do virtually anything I set my mind on. So, I won’t just be rapping, I will be singing, not just a style. I can do reggae, play guitar, and basically entertain.

Do you think you’ve achieved your dreams?

Well, everyone wants to be the best in whatever they delve into and most especially in the entertainment circuit but it isn’t just about what you want; someone has to work for it to be the best. My aim is to be the best and I always say that being the best isn’t that you are the only one people are looking up to, it’s about doing something nobody can do or that will be very difficult for others to do. My aim is to be number one in anything I’m doing.

How was your journey so far in the entertainment industry?

The journey so far has been good; the show was a lot of hard work and by the special grace of God, I emerged winner. After the show, my experience soared, and the realization of my dream is another good experience. Though, there were hiccups and bad moments but I wouldn’t say anything about it but my greatest belief is God’s time is the best.

Talking about your formal group Da Pulse, why did you leave and do you regret leaving the group?

First of all, I didn’t leave the band. The group is a wonderful band and we are still very much in touch. God decides because sometimes there were things that are not really meant to be, and sometimes they are. Sometimes you should just consider the factor around you, I’m grateful for the experience that united us together; we’ve learnt our mistakes and are linking-up on how to deal with them. We were much younger then and we didn’t really know how to handle fame; nobody leaves the band. Da Pulse is still strong together as a group and I can’t really say there is a musical group that has come out and beaten us; we are still very much in touch with one another.

In recent time, what have you learnt in life, with the things happening around you and the changes?

I’ve learnt how to be patient and give gratitude to God, because in recent time certain things have happened that if I hadn’t believed in God would have put me in a lot of trouble. So that’s why I will always say every delay and disappointment is a blessing.

There were speculations that you were not in good terms with your mum ; how true is that?

Let me correct that impression. It’s very funny how I say something and people misunderstood the meaning. I did not run away from home like a prodigal son. I didn’t leave home without my mother’s consent. First of all, I’m well above 18, so I can leave home if I want to, but what I meant when I was on stage was, you know when your soul is passion driven that you forget going home from time-to-time because you are bent on achieving your dream. I’ve been chasing the dream for so long and when I got it, I was excited. Every good family wants the best for its children; families are always the encouragement the children need. They can entice a child with a job in a big company if there’s any opportunity there or a job in an oil company. I studied Geology, and my family has done more what I mentioned to keep me at home but I blatantly rejected the offer by saying no. I did not return home for the fear of being forced to work in companies like Shell. All I wanted to do is music. So I never ran away from home.

How about your daughter?

My daughter is good. I don’t want to say anything about her to the public. My focus is music and more music.

Any plan of tying the knot soon ?

Drop it! Marriage isn’t the next programme on my agenda. I have the green light to the mainstream of music industry. Marriage is good but for now, it will be like a distraction from the goal.

What should your fans expect from you soon?

People should expect my new singles. They should expect a show like no other one from me. I always say to my manager, you can’t play songs because people are singing; there must always be value for money and I always guarantee my family and I mean my family at large, talking about people that are at home with me, people that love me out there, people that scouted me. When they buy ticket to come and watch my stage performance, they won’t regret time and money invested. My fans should expect my new single in the nearest future and when it comes out, it will be a narration of my life story telling the people where I am coming from and where I am going.

What keep you going?



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