Ruth Kadiri: I have found love in him.

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Ruth KadiriShe made her debut as an actress in Sincerity, a movie that she also wrote. Ruth Kadiri, who has now joined the league of movie producers, could not hold back tears when she opened up on her childhood experiences, how her mother sold her valuables to take care of her education. The diva also talked about her love life, family, passion for children and other interesting issues. Enjoy it.

How long have you been in the industry?
I have been in the industry for a while though I have been acting before I started professionally. But I cannot remember exactly the year I started acting. Of course, I did wakapass when I ventured into the industry but not so much, basically my focus was script writing.

You are a recognised scriptwriter, which was the first movie you wrote?
It’s the movie entitled, Wild and Dirty.

You also wrote Heart of a Fighter, which won you an award as the Best Supporting Actress, how do you feel about that?

I am elated that my work is speaking for me in the industry. I am very grateful to those who helped me to get to where I am today and I must also appreciate my producers and directors for their patronage. My gratitude also goes to the Almighty God who bestowed me with this talent and knowledge.

Could you mention other movies you wrote?
(Smiles) I have written over 20 movies including Matters Arising, Mad Sex, Wild and Dirty, Phobia, Queen of the Jungle, Series of Love, Rain Drop, Every Woman, Ladies Gang, Burning Tears, Ladies Men, Fear Not, Battle of Pride, and Sincerity among others, and there are some yet to be released.

Are you saying you started as a scriptwriter before venturing into acting?
I ventured into Nollywood as an actress when I worked with Paul Obazalee in Boys Cot. In the movie, I acted alongside Jim Iyke, Mike Ezuruoye and Nonso Diobi. Honestly, I was jittery because I have not met them before and they were the stars I was watching on screen, so it was not easy. But I thank God for giving me the courage to play along.

After your first movie, how did you find your feet in the industry?
Writing scripts automatically gave me an edge to hit stardom. You know, when people are impressed with the story after watching, they would want to know the brain behind the script and the producer would say it’s Ruth Kadiri. So, my colleagues appreciate me more as a scriptwriter.

What would you say being an actress has done for you?
I appreciate all the preferential treatments I receive as an actress. Whenever I travel abroad fans appreciate me. But I adore script writing because it gives me fulfillment. There was a time I was trapped for over two months on location in my hotel room in Port Harcourt, I felt so empty because I could not write scripts for sometime.

Acting and scriptwriting which one would you say is more financially rewarding?
Acting pays more but I have my hands on other businesses to keep me going.

How many movies have you featured?
I cannot say exactly the number of movies I have featured but I have done so many of them. I have featured in Boys Scot, Sincerity, Facebook Babes, Heart of a Fighter, Matters Arising, Heart of a Wife, Airlines Babes, The Ultimate Search, Drama Queens, Colours of Rainbow, Burning Tears, Daniella, Mad Sex, Queen of the Jungle, Wild and Dirty, Dangerous Act, Blackberry Babes, Jujuwood, War for Limpopo, Limpopo Chicks, Weeping Kingdom, Rain Drop, Strange Act, Breath of Love, and Brazilian Hair among others.

You were born and bred in Ajegunle. Last year, you sponsored the education of five students at your alma mater, First Foundation College, Ajegunle, why did you decide to take up such task?
I have a sense of love for children especially the underprivileged. So, I don’t look back when showing love and kindness to them, because I believe they are part of me. Naturally, when you give to a child you don’t expect something back but the blessing attached to such kindness is divine.

Were you among the last to pay school fees while in secondary school?
I was always among the last to pay school fees and I remember in JSS 3 how two of my classmates left school because of challenges of paying their fees. Today, I am a graduate of Mass Communication from University of Lagos.

Tell us a bit about your background?
I hail from Ehor Local Government Area of Edo State. I am from a strong Christian background. I have a lovely younger sister, which makes us two in the family and my dearest mother. My father lives outside the country.

What are the lessons you learned from your mother?
She is a very God fearing, disciplined and hardworking woman. And she is a very strong woman; my mother is stronger than ten men. She struggled to make life meaningful for us. While growing up she always carried us along which made it easier to know when she was buoyant or not. We will forever appreciate all the love she showered on us.

You are looking more beautiful than the last time we met, what is the secret?
Thanks for the compliments. Almighty God is the secret behind my happiness and peace of mind, because His mercy and love have been sufficient in my life.

How is your boyfriend doing?
He is very fine.

You are really looking like someone who is in love?
Of course! I have found love in him.

Is he in the movie industry and where does he come from?
Let’s leave that to your imagination. You will get answers to your questions at the right time.

How does it feel to be in love?
I think loving someone does not determine your happiness, but when you love yourself more than you love someone gives you enduring joy. So, I love myself so much and that is the secret of my happiness. Are you saying that if I am not in a relationship, happiness is far from me? No! Love is a good thing and food to our souls but I have gotten to the level of understanding myself enough to appreciate myself for who I am and for what God has made me to become.

Do you see marriage forthcoming in the relationship?
I pray so because he is someone that respects my feelings, he is very supportive of my career and he has shown me so much love.

What would be your reaction if he eventually proposes?
I have ten beautiful bridal trains on my mind; who will step out with me in their colourful dresses. I like all those dramas (laughter).

Are you saying you will jump at his proposal?
I will accept immediately, since he is my ideal man.

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