Nollywood: I like to break the rules —Tayo Sobola

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Tayo SobolaTayo Sobola, popularly known as Sotayo has carved a niche for herself in the Nigerian movie industry. The talented dancer, model, TV presenter cum actress in this interview with TADE MAKINDE, opens up on her foray into the industry among other issues. Excerpts:

Why I took to acting.
I just wanted to show my skills. Moreso, I like acting because of its make-believe nature.

I have starred in countless music videos for 2face Idibia, Artquake, Jahborne, Danny Young, 2Shotz, Da Natives, Sheyman, Freewindz, Lord of Ajasa, etc, and her movie credits include: Ewu L’oko Longe, Super Woman, Iwowo Abiamo and Ejiworo. She created a huge buzz in 2011 when she released her first self-produced, Arewa Onijogbon and she’s currently working on a new project, Corper Jide which is due for release within the third quarter of this year.

My sojourn into acting.
My journey into the acting world started sometimes in 2003 when I joined the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN). I featured in some movies with minor roles and had to stop when I got admitted into the Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) to study Public Administration. I was initially at the Lagos State University (LASU). I got back into acting in 2006, but was partially mixing it with TV presenting, modelling, music video appearances and red carpet hosting.

My first experience in front of the camera.
It was awesome. It was a dream come true. And that was during a musical stage performance in Motherland, the Nescafe Valentine Rave, in 2003.

My parent’s take on my career.
Not my mum, but along the line, my dad made her accept my views.

Weather I feel intimidated by the big names in the industry.
No I don’t. That’s because I’ve been doing this for a while, I am not a newcomer. I’m quite confident and I believe in my ability.

How I came into movie production.
It’s more like a transition from being a music video model, TV presenter and red carpet host. As earlier mentioned, I partially acted while I was in LASU, so going fully into it now is a piece of cake.

What inspired me to write ‘Arewa Onijongbon’ and now, ‘Corper Jide’?
I was once a TV presenter for Showtime Africa, owned by Tee-A, Dynamix on TV, editor in chief for an online magazine. I have also appeared in several musical videos as a vixen. The major Yoruba movie I did was produced by Yinka Sam Aina and was entitled “Ewu L’oko Longe”.  I also did the 2012 “Rhythm Unplugged” advert with Basketmouth, Bovi and Buchi. This was immediately followed by some comedy skits for Bovi. Some of the recent Yoruba movies I starred in are: “Ojukoju” and “Towo–tomo”.  Inspiration for “Arewa Onijogbon” movie came from a friend, Abiodun Adegoke. She actually encouraged me to produce a movie myself and after three years of producing “Arewa Onijogbon”, I did a review of the movie and decided to up my game with “Corper Jide”.

My background.
My dad is from Ogun State Obafemi Owode Local Government, precisely, my mum is from Lagos State in Epe. I grew up with my mum and I’m from a family of four. Two girls and two boys; I’m the third in the family of four.

How I handle negative reports.  
I just ignore them because it won’t make any sense responding to such stories because it will fuel more speculations.

What fashion means to me.
Fashion to me, is the ability to express one’s self through his or her dress mode.

Whether I am stylish or not.
Though I don’t follow trends and sometimes I like to break the rules, but I love to wear what I like and feel comfortable in and not what will make me feel awkward.

Fashion fetish.
I love smelling good always, and this makes me to be a perfume collector, and I have a whole lot of them in my collection.

What influences what I wear.
My mood determines what I wear and how I look. I’m a kind of girl that doesn’t like to wear what all other people are wearing. I love to stand out, I see myself like someone that lives in a separate world.

Beauty regimen.
I try as much as I can to treat my face once in a week because I break out a lot. I also visit the gym when I’m less busy to keep in shape and to avoid having big tummy, I detest that so much.

Favourite beauty products.
I use Apricot facial scrub, proactive to avoid breakouts. For makeup, I feel comfortable with Milani and Black Opal products.

Favourite perfurmes.
I love to mix and match masculine and feminine perfumes. Most especially, Burberry, Thiery Mugler, Gucci Rush, Flora by Gucci, Pure Tiffany, Davidoff Cool Water Woman (pure pacific), etc.

Favourite Nigerian and foreign actors/actress.
I love Joke Silva with passion and I love comedy movies. I also like Jackie Chan.

How I get along with other actresses.
I try to be myself and respect all.  I face my business and try not to cross anyone’s path.

Your role model
Joke Silva because of her humility and her readiness to support young talents.

Plans for the future.
The future belongs to God but I’m striving hard to carve a niche for myself in this industry and to leave a long-lasting legacy and impression with my works

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