NOLLYWOOD: “Men Of My Age Are Small Boys Around Me” – Uche Jombo

Uche JomboSpeaking in an interview, Uche Jombo talks about her new movie 'Unconditional' and also spoke out about marriage and cheating. According to her, there is no room for cheating.
"I don’t have control over what someone will do, I’m not God. I’m talking about me, how I conduct things. It’s not an option that it will happen, I will not tolerate cheating.
When asked if she was older than her husband, she said, "I have never dated or married someone I was older than in my life. If you have the illusion of someone’s age, that is your business, and I am even too mature for my age. That is the problem, because men of my age are ‘small boys’ around me, I can’t date them.
She added that she is grateful for how far she has come and what matters most to her is that people who knew her during her not-to-proud days are proud of what she has achieved so far.

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