Nigeria: The true enemy of Ndi Igbo is…?

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In 1960 at independence, Igbo was the most dominant ethnic group in Nigeria controlling key positions in the military and the civil service. 53 years after, we have been systematically relegated to the fourth and treated like second class citizens in a land we call our own.

In the 1st republic in 1963, Igbo held the 2nd position in the country with Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe as the ceremonial President

In the 2nd republic, we occupied the 2nd position, with Dr. Alex Ekwueme as the Vice President

In the 4th republic under Obasanjo we had the 3rd position occupying the Senate president

In 2007 we were pushed down to the 6th position holding just the deputy senate president

Today under president Goodluck Jonathan Ndi Igbo have been politically liquidated with none of the offices of the President, vice president, senate president, speaker of the house of reps, Chief Justice of the Federation, PDP Chairman, and PDP bot Chairman going to the south east.

Out of 6 zones only southeast has 5 states, others have 6 & 7

Out of 6 zones only southeast has 15 senators, others have upto 21

Out of 6 zones only southeast has 95 LGAs while others have upto 186

Out of 6 zones only southeast has 43 fed. Constituencies, others have upto 92

The worst of all, southeast recieves about N85 billion monthly as federal allocation when others recieve upto N285 Billion as at May, 2013.

Yet some of our Igbo elites are unperturbed.

While the Northern leaders, Yoruba leaders and even the Niger delta leaders who have held the presidency for upto 35years are agitating to regain the position, some Igbo leaders prefare to play second fiddle. For their selfish reasons., they are running around Aso Rock angling for contracts or ministerial positions and endosing Jonathan for a second term.

His Excellency Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu says NO! This inhuman marginalization and injustice agianst Ndi Igbo must stop through the election of a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction in 2015.

To realize this noble agenda, he has promised to USE HIS ENERMOUS WEALTH, POLITICAL SAGACITY, PERSONALITY and LOCAL/INTERNATIONAL CONNECTIONS to support any candidate selected by Ndi Igbo to run for president in 2015. But if there is no capable candidate that comes out for the race he says: "I shall take up the challenge to liberate my people from this apartheid of the new millenium."

If you ask me, no matter what you hold against Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, any Igbo man who does not support Kalu on this mission is simply the true enemy of Ndi Igbo. HOHA!!!

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