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Fraud Perpetrated By Mobile Service Providers In Nigeria

This piece is aimed at alerting Nigerian to fraud being perpetrated by mobile service provider in Nigeria. I had subscribed to Airtel’s daily internet package which is expected to provide me access to the internet for a day on my mobile phone. After paying the sum of four hundred naira, the advertised cost of the service, no such service was provided. Several calls to customer service did not go through.
Having heard many people spoken in favour of Etisalat service, I subscribed to their weekly 50MB data pack at the cost of five hundred naira; I had hardly browsed for ten minutes when I discovered that the internet service was disconnected. I later found out, when I checked my balance that the credit had burnt out. I subscribed to another weekly 50MB data pack only to have similar experience. Call to customer service gets terminated once you request to speak with customer service representation.
Irritated and frustrated, I decided that I am not going to suffer in silence hence, crying out publicly through this medium to alert people.

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