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Rivers state house of Assembly crisis:Hon Chidi Lloyd apologises for his actions.

I have been a member of that House for 10 years, I haven't had any quarrel with any member as our house rules forbids that and imposes a fine of #200.000 on any member who fights another whether within or outside the Assembly.

I have not been able to tell my story, am writing to you from my hospital bed. I got to work on that faithful day and sat on my sit, the days business hadn't started as members were merely exchanging pleasantries, when Evans walked up to me and beat me blue black, he destroyed the camera belonging to RSTV which recorded the incident, he has himself told his supporters how he beat the speaker, Byke and myself.

I am not a camera man and didn't go with any. They had everything planned by their sponsors. When the pandemonium started, Victor Ihunnwo advised that I run for my life. The thugs were all there with AK 47. The strategy was to scare or intimidate us out of the Assembly so that they hurriedly carry out an ' impeachment , no matter how. Note that, victor Ihunnwo had told the CP that the order paper included call for his removal, which was a blatant lie.

The CP on hearing this, co- operated with them. I came back to the Assembly when I got a call that they were sitting, then I remembered what all these was for, I ran back into the chambers and saw the five sitting with an imported wooden mace, an imported ' clerk' and our sgt at arms. I moved in and immediately took the ' mace' with a view to chasing them out of the chambers. Watch the video, you will find Micheal Chindah advance towards me apparently to attack me, it was then I hit him with the wooden mace, because he had a few minutes earlier flogged me with a tripod.

Please carry out an independent investigation. I am truly sorry I may have over reacted, but they beat me first. You must also look at the crisis in Rivers State wholistically, Evans accuses us of insulting mummy, I have never done that and wouldn't . Some power hungry people have orchestrated the seeming soar relationship between mr. President and the Gov. and have continued to fan embers of war. To all those who feel hurt by my action, am truly sorry…Hon. Chidi Lloyd

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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