Shocking Testimonies amidst confusion in Deeper Life

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UNTIL recently members of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, also known as Deeper Life Bible Church, appeared to be united in love and are all with one accord committed to each other. They believed the same thing, saw the same thing, spoke the same language. There was no room for divisin or strife in their midst.

But the bubble burst during the June edition of the monthly miracle/revival programme at the Deeper Life Christian Centre, DLCC, along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway when the controversial ‘worldly’ wedding of John Kumuyi, one of the two sons of founder, Pastor William Kumuyi threatened to tear the church to shreds.

The younger Kumuyi is said to have walked the aisle with former Miss Love Odih, the daughter of the national overseer of the church in charge of Jamaica, on June 15 in a ‘society’ wedding which attracted widespread condemnation.

The bride was decked in a flowing white gown—a shift from the traditional Deeper Life wedding dress—looked radiant at the wedding, her face dabbed with a touch of make-up, including a lipstick.

The church operates a strict regime on ceremonies which outlaws even video coverage during nuptials. Mr. Kumuyi and his bride cruised in a limousine and had a huge wedding cake, creating a buzz on social media with people wondering whether the church had relaxed its rather conservative rules or their leader’s son had become exempt to them.

*Wife of the General Superintendent/National Woman Leader, Deeper Life Bible Church, Sister Easter Kumuyi (l) with Sister Thersa Boyason at the 2-day seminar titled; ‘When Mountains Move’ at the Deeper Life Conference Centre, Lagos-lbadan Expressway.

The couple, realizing the embarrassment that event had caused the church, apologized “profusely” during the mid-year miracle crusade, but the leadership went ahead to sanction the twosome. Unconfirmed reports indicate that his father-in-law, Pastor Augustine Odih who joined the two in holy matrimony is being recalled, even as people are still pleading with Pastor Kumuyi to rescind his threat to resign as General Superintendent.

Its often easy to talk about others and make fun! Its always amazing how preachers of the gospel manage to preach despite the multi-dimensional crises surrounding their ministries. Imagine for a moment, a father locking up his three dead children in a room and going up the pulpit to preach. Imagine a pastor preparing to mount the pulpit and he got a call saying that  his wife has just passed on. The news didn’t deter him.

Despite the ministry-threatening matrimonial palava, Pastor Kumuyi still managed to preach the gospel and led the divided congregation to lift up their voices to God with one accord with signs following.

Participants at the revival programme had every reason  to express gratitude to God as it provided an opportunity for those with long-standing diverse challenges to bid bye to such problems.

The event, which doubled as mid-year celebration, had as its theme; “When Mountains Move” and a promise of ‘Jubilation Unlimited Now and Ever’ (JUNE).

The event featured seminar sessions, choir renditions, orchestra performances, concentrated preaching, prayer  and moments of testimony.

Speaking on a topic titled; “The power that moves every mountain”, Pastor Kumuyi quoted copiously from the scriptures, maintaining that there is no problem that could defy the power of Jesus. He stressed that unbelief is a serious hindrance to obtaining the promise of God to move mountains, counselling that the prefix “un” in unbelief should be cancelled.

Kumuyi assured participants that if they believed the promises of God; they would receive whatever they would ask in prayer.

In his second message titled; “The ABC of moving mountains”, the holiness preacher said nothing shall be impossible to whosoever that would believe, explaining: A- Ask on the basis of His faithfulness; B- Believe with the boldness of faith; and C- Cancel all bondage from your future. He stressed the need for a different kind of boldness that belief has, which unbelief does not have.

Addressing the mammoth crowd on; “Mountain moving power of unity”, Kumuyi stressed the need for Nigerians to work in unity, pointing out that it was the only way to overcome various challenges besetting the nation. “There is power in unity, if all of us are united in this country, we will move mountains because united we stand, divided we fall.

There should be unity of faith and unity of fellowship, because if we unite our faith with faith of others, it is that unwavering, united and mighty faith that works miracles in the lives of people, one mind, one soul and one spirit. Nigerians should have one goal, one aspiration, one passion, one language, one pursuit and one future; with these, we shall move this country forward,” he said.

Opportunity was given for people to testify to the wonder working power of God: Mrs. Royal Ekpong, a resident of Gowon Estates, Lagos said she had an accident that nearly paralysed her, warranting her to be using clutches. But after prayer at the event, she felt a vibration in her body and she was healed.

Adelaja Idowu Olusegun was diagnosed with HIV positive but he was now HIV negative just as Mrs. Ngozi Ifeanyi Okoro’s son, Samuel, had his hernia healed after the prayer.

Mrs. Glory Salami, a middle-aged woman, said her husband, who was already dead was brought back to life by merely placing a pamphlet bearing Pastor Kumuyi’s picture on the dead man.  The man got revived after doctors had confirmed him dead.

Jeremiah Adesuyi said he was delivered from ritualists who kidnapped him from Apapa in Lagos, but getting to the forest where they were to be sacrificed, a voice shouted from inside the hut, “No! Don’t bring Kumuyi to this place, take him back.” That was how he was delivered as he was taken back to the expressway where he made his way back home.

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Anthony-Claret is a software Engineer, entrepreneur and the founder of Codewit INC. Mr. Claret publishes and manages the content on Codewit Word News website and associated websites. He's a writer, IT Expert, great administrator, technology enthusiast, social media lover and all around digital guy.

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