Northern Governors visit to Gov Amaechi in Rivers state. Amaechi and President Jonathan.

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Yesterday, some Northern governors who has been kicking against the status quo or acting as the opposition with the ruling party visited our state capital in what they termed as a solidarity visit to Governors Chibuike Amaechi.
As a recurring decimal, this pattern of using Niger delta political leaders and dumping the at the last minute is now a serious concern to River state and Niger Delta people. 
This calls to the question, "Why is it that the North will always look for one foolish Niger Delta Governor to use their oil money any time their quest for power arises?
(1) Atiku use Diepreye Alameyeseigha with a promise of making him, his Vice president.
(2) The Northern leaders finish Rivers money on the same promise of making Odili Peter president and later dump him.
(3) James Ibori single handedly funded Umaru Yar-Adua presidential election with our money and today where is Ibori.
(4) Now is Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi turn. When the gods want to finish someone they will first make him blind and deaf.
When will Niger Delta Governors and people learn from past Governors that were used and dumped as a result of their greed and insensitivity.
Amaechi's problem in Rivers state started even before President Goodluck Jonathan becomes the Nigerian President. In 2002/2003, Amaechi won PDP governors primaries and President Obasanjo and his cohort stopped him from taking the ticket. 
Another man contested the primaries again and and won the general election.
The Supreme Court gave Amaechi victory for an election he NEVER contested. This is the genesis of his problem in Rivers state, as he came back to victimise his opponents. 
As a result of his greed and faceless ambition, he has been wasting state funds, paying bloggers, Newspaper houses, disgruntled Politicians across the country to discredit President Goodluck Jonathan for an offense the Nigerian President don't even know when it started and some people are buying it as a fact.
As some of the protesting banners wrote yesterday, "If Amaechi want to leave PDP, no one is stopping him, but using state funds to cause disturbance and go round to cry victim is what we will not tolerate any more". 
For the visiting Governors and other opposition groups, your signatures is now clearer, as the people fueling the problem in Rivers state. How many times have any of you visited Borno, Yobe, Adamawa or even Bauchi states to felicite with people, who are under the attack of Boko Haram and were kept indoors as a result of the state of emergency? 
Whatever is your ulterior motive, we must meet somewhere and sometime. 
Remember the Niger delta proverb, that said, "don't forget that a man wey dey cry, dey see".
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