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Fraud: Nigeria Police to Manage Officers’ Pensions Scheme

 In view of the fraudulent activities in the running of pension schemes in the country, the Nigeria Police will henceforth manage its pension.

The Inspector General of Police (IG), Mr. Mohammed Abubakar, disclosed this  Thursday at an interactive session with officers, inspectors and rank and file working at the Force Headquarters in Abuja.

He informed them that as part of the welfare scheme, the police authorities will inaugurate 300 housing units in Lagos, 700 in Abuja for inspectors and rank and file, and 35 units for officers from Assistant commissioners of police (ACPs) and above next month.

According to the police boss, in order to enhance the productivity and welfare of officers and men of the force, the police authorities had established 17 police children schools and two police secondary schools across the country in the last one year.

The IG reiterated his commitment to ensuring the safety and welfare of officers and men of the force.

He announced the establishment of a police museum very soon, while Dei Dei Barracks in Abuja, the biggest in the northern region, will soon be given a face lift with the provision of good roads, water and light.

This is the third time, the IG would be holding such interactive session with inspectors, rank and file to find out their challenges they face at their work places, how they are faring and their dreams for the force.

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