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Jonathan’s Criticism: Yakassai Cautions Obasanjo

 An elder statesman, Alhaji Tanko Yakassai,  has urged  former President Olusegun Obasanjo to pursue his political differences with President Goodluck Jonathan with some decorum expected from a person of his calibre.

“General Obasanjo being a former president and  a high-ranking leader of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP), which is the party at power at the federal level in the country, has an opportunity to seek an audience with President Goodluck Jonathan and either offer him whatever advice he has to offer or criticise any policy of the administration that he has a cause to disagree with. That is what expected of any statesman, particularly people of the calibre of General Obasanjo”, he said in a statement Wednesday.

According to him, “people close to him (Obasanjo) say whenever General Obasanjo disagrees with a person, he would carry the fight to his place of worship, his dining table and sometimes he will even be fighting the person in his dream”.

“Obasanjo is reported to be unforgiving and his method of disagreement with people is sometimes regarded as a matter of life and death.

“There was one event which caused some consternation to me during the Democracy Day celebration in Jigawa State. The event was the unpalatable utterances of former President Obasanjo ostensibly directed at President Jonathan which he made in the course of his speech.”

Yakassai said during Obasanjo’s speech in Jigawa, he stated that the road leading to Dutse was better than the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, forgetting that the two roads he referred to are all federal roads and the present administration, which is only two years in office, could not have been responsible for its poor condition.

He urged  Obasanjo to be  tolerant and  be statesman-like in the pursuit of his political differences with others.

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