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FRSC abandons highways, mounts road blocks on inner roads

The Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, Nsukka unit, Enugu State, has allegedly changed its mode of operations from highways to street corners, where its operatives mount road blocks and book vehicles at will.

At Nsukka, officers and men of the unit are always spotted at the busy roads of Nsukka Central School, University Road and Ugwuawalawa as well as other roads, allegedly collecting tolls in name of checking vehicle roadworthiness.

Vanguard gathered that motorists were often compelled to pay certain toll, to avoid being booked for an alleged traffic offence.

A reliable source who pleaded anonymity, disclosed that FRSC operatives are by law not allowed to operate at street corners and inner roads in the discharge of their duties, explaining that Nsukka unit of the commission operated even as late as 6pm allegedly hunting for unsuspecting motorists and collecting tolls from them.

The unit only patrols streets to book people to pay certain amount of money ranging from non-use of use seat belt (STD) to failure to move on (FMO), among other offences.

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