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Nigeria: How Do We Replace The Plague?

Accident in Nigeria

In America it is white folks who set up the parameters under which all Americans, black and white live. White folks pass the laws under which all people in America live; they set up the culture under which Americans live; they govern the land with their unique understanding of how to govern human beings.

The system was consciously and or unconsciously set up to work in favor of white folks and work against nonwhite folks, especially black folks.

Black men, even if they manage to go to school find that they would be unemployed and even if they manage to eventually become employed (they are the last hired and the first fired) their usual extended periods of unemployment means that they were not able to pay their bills and that destroyed their credit worthiness hence they cannot obtain good credit to buy houses and the other things that Americans value.

To make ends meet many black folks, especially young ones, resort to criminal activities, such as stealing and, of course, the system soon catches up with them and they are tried by white judges and jailed. Conviction gives them a permanent negative mark in their records, and as far as the system is concerned they are now finished, defeated and irrelevant (ex-convicts seldom obtain jobs and cannot vote or participate in politics).

Clearly, the white system has it in store for black folks and literally, not figuratively have declared war on them (you declare war on those young black men you refuse to employ for you have denied them the means of securing their livelihood; you literally want them to starve and die; you denied them the means to participate in America’s culture and dispose them to live on the margins of society).

It should be noted that the viciousness that America’s whites extend to black folks is not extended to Asians and Latinos. If an Asian (Indian, Chinese, Japanese, even Pacific Islander) can manage to keep his mouth shut and not criticize the political system generally the gatekeepers of the American political establishment are willing to welcome him into their crowd. Latinos who work hard (and they are probably the hardest working segment of America) are usually given jobs albeit menial jobs.  It is black folks that for some reasons white folks decided needed to be shut out of the system.

Some say that this relentless viciousness towards black folks is because they are perceived to be unintelligent and, as such, are better kept out of the American mainstream.

Are black folks less intelligent than white folks?  Let us see. Who makes the determination of who is intelligent?  White folks, right?  And white folks are so objective and do not serve their group self-interests that they look at black folks objectively and ascertain their lack of intelligence? And if we may additionally ask: who designed the intelligence tests with which white psychologists test black folks? White folks? And they have the right to do so? Who gave them such right, God? Are they not playing god in doing what they are doing?

Can you imagine black folks testing white folks intelligence? If not, why not? It is slave masters and colonial masters that test slaves, the colonized intelligence, right?

Let us not waste our breathe here for intelligence tests are simply political means of oppression; the rulers use their minions called psychologists to categorize some poor people as not intelligent so as to pacify their conscience as they exploit those as their unpaid wage slaves.

Generally, white America relegates black folks to inner city ghettos and do not welcome them into their white suburban living quarters. A black youth who strays into white areas is generally shadowed by white police cars and if he steps out of line is arrested, subjected to kangaroo court proceeding and jailed. The idea is to jail as many black youth as is possible and that way get them out of participating in the political system.

However, as they say, there is good in every bad situation. Given the unprecedented viciousness with which white folks treat black folks, no black man has the illusion that he is dealing with human beings. The first conclusion a black man reaches in America is that white men are either not human beings or are devil incarnate.

That is correct, most black folks by the time they are twenty have concluded that white folks are a plague unto mankind. They seek ways to get rid of this plague that is destroying their humanity.

America will find out when the inevitable push is made on her, as all empires are eventually pushed by risen external military powers that its black segment would not fight to preserve it.

Why should black folks fight to preserve a system that emasculates them?

And given the rate at which white folks are becoming degenerate (a substantial percent of them are now homosexuals and or have sex with animals) it does not take too much thinking to realize that white America is going to be so weakened that  when resurgent Asia makes a move on her she would unravel in a few months.

Like past empires, America has sowed the seed of her destruction. Patrician Romans viciously exploited their plebeians and when the barbarians from Northern Europe pushed Rome, like a house of cards she collapsed.

When America is pushed by an external powerful military force her angry populace would take up arms against her and join the attackers and the damn house of evil would collapse. Another empire based on slavery and exploitation of human beings would bite the dust and another empire rises to replace her.

And if the replacement empire has not learned the lesson to not exploit people she, too, would rise, decline and fall.

Such is human history. Whatever goes up must go down; soldiers come and soldiers go; empires come and empires go. No condition is permanent; the only thing we know is changeless in life is death.

Americans sense of exceptionalism would not prevent their inevitable fate, not if they keep on abusing black folks, as they have done for nearly five hundred years.


Having stated what is working against black folks yet each black person brings his body and personality into the equation. Black folks left alone all over the world have failed to be able to organize their societies. All of black Africa and the Caribbean are in shambles. Africa is like a place run by criminals, with those in governments literally thieves looting the people’s wealth.

Each individual black man has personality characteristics that prevent him from knowing what he wants to do, studying it and competing with white folks to do his best in it hence fails and his failure contributes to the dominance of the obviously mad white men ruling the land.

We may have a seminar discussing what makes black folks have crummy personalities but that is not my task here; elsewhere, I have examined the forces that produce the human personality in general and that contribute to making black folks prone to criminal behavior.

We have to do something to straighten black folk’s morality and make them principled men who do the right thing. Again, that task is not what I am currently addressing. I just needed to note that black folks have serious psychological issues preventing them from competing with the sociopathic barbarians from Europe. 


America is not that much different from Nigeria and other countries.  America’s issues are really human issues.

Nation states are created by the ego operating under fear; nation states are protected by fear. Egos gather in groups and seek to defend themselves individually and collectively against other egos; fear is used to know what threatens the ego and its abode, body and prepare to defend it (via individual ego defense mechanisms and groups military, police, the judiciary and penal system).

African countries are mere variations of the ultimate ego state, America; in both states fear and guns are used to keep folks in line and if they step out of line they are arrested and jailed or killed by the systems military goon-squads, the system gatekeepers and maintainers.

White people are a plague on black folks; they attack black people. Black people feel attacked and defend their selves with efforts to seem powerful, that is, through violence. Of course, they are arrested and jailed and taken out of circulation.

There got to be a different way of removing the plague called white folks that is not based on violence or fear. At present most human beings have fear of dying hence going along with those who threaten to harm and or kill them, the terrorists that rule nation states. Obviously, we have to find a new way to organize the human polity that is not based on some criminal gangs called politicians and their military and police arm using guns to intimidate the masses into doing as told to do.

The new way of replacing the evil empires of this world is love based behavior. We have to find a way to have love replacing our current ego and its fear based behavior.

I am talking about courageous love that states the truth, live it and do not mind the goon squad of the plague from Europe from destroying it.

One must be certain of one thing, the plague, white folks will try to destroy one if one goes against the plague’s  unnatural capitalist system (unnatural for a few benefits at the expense of the many; a natural system, even if capitalistic  is where all people benefit from the economy).

The plague is not sentimental about killing people; the plague has stultified psychology. As Bobby Wright observed, the plague is antisocial, sociopathic and psychopathic in personality structure; it is criminal in behavior, for it takes what does not belong to it and does not feel guilty and remorseful.

The plague cannot allow itself to go down without putting up a vigorous fight; the plague cannot be easily changed.

The plague has nuclear weapons and will not hesitate in using them to destroy the entire world rather than change and make the world a place that serves all people’s needs.


America, like the other great empires before it, is based on force; white folks used force to expropriate the land from Indians (who used force to take it from animals). America is maintained in its present form by force.

Does this follow that she can only be replaced by force or could it be replaced by a gentler means such as love? If one argues the latter the next question is where has that ever happened in the world? All past empires were built by force and replaced by force.

Whereas there is no evidence of any other means for replacing empires it seems to me that America is the last of the force based empires and would be replaced by Christ love. We shall see if this is a pipe dream or reality.


We have to figure out a better way to dislodge the plague from power and create a new world that serves all human beings interests.

I believe that the idea of loving all people, including loving the plague, forgiving his past while teaching him to love in the present is what is called for.

This is what my spiritual psychology teaches.

Ozodi Osuji

April 9, 2013


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