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NIGERIA: Why Patience Jonathan travelled overseas

First lady,  Mrs Patience JonathanThe office of the first lady, Mrs Patience Jonathan, Monday, said the visit of the first lady to Germany and other European countries was for routine medical check up as well as to visit her ailing mother and there is no need for negative insinuation as is being done in the media.

A statement by the Special Assistant to the first lady Ayo Osinlu Monday urged Nigerians to develop the habit of praying for their leaders as is done in other countries.

According to the aide of the first lady, “It is unfortunate that again, some media houses have allowed themselves to be used by dedicated mischief makers against the basic tenet of professional journalism, which regards truth as sacred.

He noted that “for the avoidance of doubts and ambiguities, we wish to state that the First Lady travelled to Dubai, after which she proceeded to Paris, France, to participate in the 1st Green Women Conference, which took place in Paris on March 17, 2013 where she received the 2013 Global Women Leaders’ Award for Peace.

“She thereafter proceeded to Italy from where she went to Germany to see her mother, Mama Sisi, who is currently receiving medical attention.

“The First Lady is spending sometime overseeing the management of her mother’s condition.

“She is also using the opportunity to spend quality time with her holidaying children before they return to school, as they are with her to see their grandmother.

“It is notable that Her Excellency has a history of visiting the hospital in Germany even before she became the First Lady, thus making her medical trips routine.

It is also instructive to state that medical experts have recommended that every human being should undergo medical check up every six months, even if not suffering ill health.

“Therefore,  hospital visitations of our leaders should not become leading media issues or attract disrespectful comments, just as the current circumstances of  former President Mandela and other African leaders in similar situations, and even those who died, have not attracted negative comments from their people.

“While urging a more charitable disposition towards one another as our brothers’ keepers, we wish to express our appreciation for the sincere interests of those who have shown genuine concern through their inquiries” he said.

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