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Nigeria: Fire consumes shops, residences in Kurudu

Fire outbreakThousands of residents and shop owners poured outside last night as angry fire tore down their homes and shops in a rage that brightened the sky in disastrous contradiction.

While the fire consumed their belongings, the victims could only cry and wail. It was a very pitiable scene.

Daily Times got to the scene of the fire incident in the middle of it all, and made frantic efforts to help by calling mobile phone numbers of some Fire Service Officers in both Karu and Asokoro areas. Scores of sympathisers and shop owners equally made several calls for the Federal Fire Service men.

While the angry fire tore down corrugated roofing sheets and swallowed good and personal belongs, some young men however braved the flame, climbed rooftops; while others gave them buckets of water with which they fought they fire. But the inferno was not abated. People prayed God and Jesus for intervention.

Their prayers were answered about 20 minutes pass midnight when a Fire Service truck raced to the scene. By then, at least 14 buildings have been razed down. On sighting the fire service vehicle, many of the onlookers became excite in the negative way.

Some young men mobilised themselves to attack the Fire Officers. They said the officers came late when much has been damaged. It took the intervention of the Police and some people to calm the youths down to allow the fire officers do their job.

The Officers were professionals indeed as the fire was watered down within 15 minutes of their arrival. The fire officers left the scene around 1.20am. As at the time of filing this report, there was no record of human casualty. The cause of the fire was not immediately known.

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