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NIGERIA: Lack of functional toilet causes factory worker’s electrocution

Tragedy struck, Monday, at Odogunyan area of Ikorodu, Lagos, when a factory worker with African Steel Mill was electrocuted after the company allegedly denied him access to its toilet facilities.

The incident occurred around 7.30 a.m, when the worker, Ebor Ofem, 27, who wanted to defecate went to a senior staff of the company to collect the toilet key, but was refused access on the account that the only functioning toilet in the company was meant for staff and not casual workers.

Immediately, Ofem who was already pressed, rushed to the company’s perimeter fence area to defecate oblivious that  the fence had been secured with live electric cables which subsequently electrocuted him.

Another casual worker, however, raised alarm around 8 a.m, after discovering  his colleague’s lifeless body. Ironically, he was also refused access to the company’s toilet which drove him towards the fence where Ofem’s corpse lied.

The incident almost degenerated into crisis as the aggrieved workers protested the injustice meted to their colleague but the timely arrival of Policemen from Sagamu road division saved the situation as the corpse was immediately removed and deposited in a morgue.

A source in the company who pleaded anonymity said the workers were aggrieved for the fact that the company authorities wanted to sweep the case under the carpet.

According to the source,”excreta everywhere here because we lack toilet facilities. Also, the Chief Security Officer did not inform the Police about Ofem’s predicament; he only informed them that his lifeless body was found and this shows that our life is not precious to the company.

“Prior to the incident, the casual workers had complained about lack of toilet facilities in the company as the only functioning one could not serve the legitimate staff of the company not to talk of the casual workers but the company had turned deaf ears to this and allowed the workers to defecate at unauthorised places.”

When Vanguard visited the company, yesterday, she was denied access into the premises although an offensive odour oozed out from the back of the company.

Also at Sagamu road police division, both the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, Benard Ediagbonga and his Divisional Crime Officer, DCO, Sunday Akaeze, were not on seat as at the time of Vanguard’s visit but they were said to have gone to the company for further investigations.

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