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NIGERIA: 2nd term not for me, Sanusi insists..will declare assets!

Nigerian central bank Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido SanusiNigerian central bank Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, has confirmed that he will not seek a second term as CBN Governor. has reported on 20 March 2013 that Sanusi who rescued the banking industry from near- collapse four

years ago, said he won’t renew his contract when it expires in 2014. Confirming the development on his facebook today Sanusi wrote:

"In a country where corruption is the order of the day and ever when one try to rephrase the strength and blood of our founding fathers, there are some people some where who do not want our agenda and mission to be accomplished. Today i come out to tell every Nigerian's that second tenure is not for me. God Bless Nigeria.

Appointed in the midst of a debt crisis, Sanusi, 51, fired the chief executives of eight lenders within four months of taking office after an audit found evidence of mismanagement and reckless lending.

Asking all Nigerians to insist that only a competent hand replaces him at the CB Sanusi also wrote:

"As the Governor of the CBN, i am only entitled to N25,000 per night for my local trips and our Senators and House of Reps Members are entitled to N500,000 per night for their local trips, I asked for the cutting down of their salaries and they all went against my policy. My tenure expire in June 2014 and i want all Nigerians home and abroad to put all hands on deck to bring in someone that will surpass me and be able to take the financial matters of our great nation to the next step. Nigeria is not a country where one man can do it all, it is a collective effort and i use this medium to call on our youth from all works (O.P.C, NIGER-DELTA, THE BAKASSI BOYS, THE NORTHERN'S) To stand up and embrace the emancipation. Long live the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Earlier on saturday Sanusi said he will decalre his assets before handing over to his successor at the CBN and wrote:

"Nigerians we need to understand that with patience and understanding our country will move to greater heights, despite all the ill mannered words said about me and my policies i still owe this country high and to buttress my point i will not be seeking a second tenure in office and i am also going to declare all my assets and all financial dealings before i hand over to the next Governor that will be appointed so Nigerians can know that i was working for their interest. Concerning the Opening's and Vacancies, it is not going to be anything tribal and the job is meant for suitable qualified candidates from any part of the country. May Allah bless and keep us all safe.."

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