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NIGERIA: APC Vs PDP, there is big war ahead of 2015 – Tukur

The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alh. Bamangar TukurThe National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alh. Bamangar Tukur, yesterday, said  the party would face a “heavy” war ahead of the 2015 elections, saying “ there is a group that just came up (ostensibly referring to APC)  and wants to sweep the mat off our feet”.

The PDP boss, who was speaking at a reconciliation meeting of the PDP North West Zone, told estranged members of the party, “PDP is all about patronage. We are going to dole our patronage to all our members who remain in the party”.

Murtala Mohammed Square, the venue of the meeting, which was attended by the National Working Committee of the party, was hijacked by thousands of unruly, rag-tag supporters bearing the party banners and brawling  over cash thrown at them amidst deafening drumming and praise singing. Policemen drafted to keep security also blocked the entrance to the hall, manhandling top members of the party who came in late, thus  creating  choas at the venue.

Said Tukur: “I am here to tell all our supporters about the virtue of patience. Patience is such a priceless thing, that the Hausa people say, ‘a patient man can cook a stone and drink its sauce’. I want to plead with our members in this zone to imbibe this teaching. “This is because without patience, we will all be in disarray. And we cannot afford to be.

“Because there is a heavy war ahead in 2015. A group has come up and wants to sweep the mat off our feet. We cannot allow that to happen. Because the PDP is the only party that is not religious, not sectional or tribal. We are one big party, and we intend, and we must remain so.

“What I am saying here is what I told our supporters in the South West. They are not happy, because of the problem they face in the party in that zone, a minority has taken over power there.

“Let me inform you. The PDP stands for patronage. We are going to give patronage to all our members who have contested elections and lost. There is enough in the party to go round everyone. There is no need to leave the party”, he said to the chairing of the hall. The Vice President, Arc. Namadi Sambo, who was in attendance, said in his speech, that party was  fully organized and vibrant.

Said Sambo: “Our party is  well noted for its adoption of rule of law and natural justice in the discharge of its activities.

“The decision to embark on this tour  is in order to properly position the party to face future challenges. “The assembly of the crème of our Party faithful at this meeting only signals and lends  credence to our desire to ensure that we develop new ideas, initiatives and innovations that will further solidify the Party and move it forward”, he said.
Governor of Kastina State, Alh.  Shehu Shema, who spoke on behalf of the governors of the zone, said  the PDP had brought a lot of development to the country since it grabbed power in 1999.

“From the forest of the South-South, to the sands of the far north, you can see what the PDP has done for the country.
“But we also have our own challenges. And that is part of what we shall be addressing soon”.

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