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NIGERIA: Okorocha lists 49 projects executed by Ohakim

Imo State Governor, Chief Rochas Okorocha and Dr. Ikedi OhakimIn what seems to be a summersault, the Imo State Governor, Chief Rochas Okorocha, has acknowledged that his immediate predecessor, Dr. Ikedi Ohakim, actually executed several project that are fast changing the standard of living of the people of the state in his four year tenure, contrary to his earlier stance.

In a document allegedly released to members of the panels he set up to probe contracts and projects awarded and executed by the Ohakim administration, Governor Okorocha gave a list of forty-nine (49) projects undertaken by the Ohakim administration. This is a clear contradiction of the Governor's earlier pronouncements that the Ohakim administration did only four projects, of which two were completed and two abandoned.

This was the kernel of the Governor's live television broadcast on January 14, 2013, .during which he made several allegations against his predecessor. But less than two months later, Governor Okorocha has reportedly acknowledged, though secretly, that the Ohakim administration did projects as many as 49.

In the document handed over to members of the probe panel, Okorocha asked the panels to investigate the contracts and projects but little did he know that he was inadvertently acknowledging that Ohakim actually did as much as 49 projects contrary to what he, Okorocha, has been telling the people of the state and indeed the world.

Among the projects Okorocha listed for investigation are roads, erosion control sites, and public buildings.

It will be recalled that in the wake of the allegation by Okorocha that Ohakim did only four projects, the former Governor and his henchmen went to town with several publications cataloguing the numerous projects the administration handled successfully in the areas of road construction, housing, electricity and water supplies, etc.

In the information published widely in both local and national newspapers, Ohakim listed over 34 road projects, over 85 water projects, about 200 electricity projects, and over 27 health services projects,

Others are numerous school projects including 27 classroom blocks in each local government area.

In one of the publications titled "Ohakim's legacies, Okorocha's lies", the Ohakim camp insisted that Okorocha was lying to the people of Imo state and was only out to smear the former Governor.

Apart from that many Nigerians, both within and outside Imo state, did not express any surprise over what was contained in the publications made by the Ohakim camp, Okorocha has failed to respond to the shocking revelations made by Ohakim over a number of issues among which are the N13.3 billion bond proceeds left behind by his administration, the N3.3 billion SUBEB funds all of which are part of a total of N26.27 billion Ohakim insists he left behind.

Up till this moment, the N26.27 billion has remained contentious as no word is coming from Okorocha. Besides, the monies have not reflected in any of the budgets (2012 and 2013) so far presented by the Okorocha regime, fuelling speculations that the funds may have been misused.

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