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NIGERIA: Okada rider alleges police threat over stolen property

Niyi cries out against Police threat to his lifeA COMMERCIAL motorcyclist Niyi Owolabi Saheed, whose motorcycle was allegedly stolen by Police Corporal Goroye Folagbade, has cried out against incessant threats to his life and his family by policemen of  Ikorodu division. Corporal Folagbade served in Ikorodu division before his dismissal from the Force.

The motorcyclist told, that Goroye’s colleagues have been trailing him and threatening to kill or maim him, especially now that their colleague has been relieved of his job. The Okada rider said he is now confused and fed up with life as the officers promised to “eliminate me at all cost”.

Niyi, an illiterate whose case with the Nigeria Police is still in court in respect of the stolen motorcycle, told Codewit that Goroye’s colleagues wrote something on a paper and asked him to sign but he politely told them he could neither read nor write. He was thereafter forced to thumb-print the said document under duress.

The Okada rider who was jittery during our visit, said he was handcuffed and beaten up by the said policemen within the Court premises. He said: “They told me since you have decided to expose our friend to the media, we shall kill you here in Lagos or anywhere in the world; you will never escape us”.

Meanwhile, Motorcycles Association of Lagos State, MOALS, who took the case to court seem to be beating a gradual retreat and have left the poor Niyi to his fate as they no longer appear in court or render support to their embattled colleague.

MOALS chairman, Tijani Pekis, did not respond to VM’s calls. Efforts to reach Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, also proved abortive as her lines were left unattended to.

It would be recalled that the said the corporal seized the motorcycle from Niyi, over his violation of the new traffic law late last year. Efforts by Niyi to recover the bike failed, as he was informed that it has been transferred to Alausa for crushing. But on January 10, 2013, Niyi reportedly found his motorcycle with another rider identified as Ismail Olomitutu, around Anibaba area of Ikorodu and raised alarm. Olomitutu confessed to have bought the motorcycle from Corporal Goroye for N55,000. This led to the latter’s dismissal from Nigeria Police Force.

Sources hinted that the dismissed corporal had accomplices within the Force, including some of his superiors in the division. It was also said that Goroye was a humble and diligent officer in the division before he was implicated in the crime.

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