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NIGERIA: ACN flays PDP over fly-over cost comment – ACN

OYO State Chapter of Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Monday, said allegations of inflation of contract leveled against Governor Abiola Ajimobi by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, had exposed the PDP’s jaundiced knowledge about road construction.

The party said through its Publicity Secretary, Mr. Dauda Kolawole, the defective knowledge the PDP had about quality road construction had explained why they constructed poor quality roads and drainages in some parts of the state in the last administration.

PDP had earlier compared the cost of the fly-over at Mokola with what Governor Ibikunle Amosun constructed in Ogun State at the cost of N1.5billion.

According to the ACN, “the PDP should be ashamed of itself for having imposed its naivety about road/bridge construction on the generality of the people. We are awe-struck that a political party could advertise its naivety this shamelessly.

What the PDP ought to have done was to demand the details of the two bridge constructions in both states and the details would have shocked it and it would averted this shameless plunge that it has made.  The bridge that was commissioned in Ogun State is 400 metres in length, while the one being constructed in Oyo State is 640 meters. Part of the Oyo State contract in the construction of the over-head bridge which distinguishes it from that of Ogun State, is that, apart from the wide differences in their lengths, the inclusion of provision of ancillary facilities to the bridge also mark them apart.”

“The ancillary facilities include construction of roads on both sides of the bridge, rehabilitation of adjoining roads to the bridge, drainage works on both sides of the roads of the overhead bridge, beautification of the length of the road, landscaping and street-lighting. It is apparent that the PDP is too illiterate to understand these facilities-rolled-into-ones in the construction of the over-head bridge.

“For instance, the upgrading of all the adjoining roads of the walk-ways is included. This also includes a standard one-meter-by-one-meter reinforced concrete drainage. In the history of the PDP reign in Oyo State, it never had a road construction of that quality. A party which claims to be in the opposition does not have a clear understanding of its role, had no details of what it wanted to criticize and was merely groping in the dark because of the limitation of its runners.”

Apparently, replying a former Governor of the state, Senator Rashidi Ladoja, it said, “The other day, the Accord Party leader, who is a former PDP leader too, also said that he was the one who dreamt to construct the overhead bridge!

“It is lamentable that there have been several attempts by the PDP and its Accord Party variant, sensing the bridge’s imposing nature and the kudos it has been attracting to the Ajimobi government, to discredit the bridge”.

ACN claimed that every attempt the perceived opponents have always made, it noted, has landed them in greater shame.

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