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NIGERIA: Oyo PDP accuses govt of contract inflation

Peoples Democratic Party, PDPPEOPLES Democratic Party, PDP, in Oyo State, has accused the state government of contract inflation, faulting the cost of one kilometre Mokola Round-About fly-over which the state government put at N2.5billion.

The party said something was fishy for one kilometre fly-over to cost such a huge sum of money.

Making comparison between the 2.5 kilometre Lalubu-Ibara-Totoro fly-over constructed by Governor Ibikunle Amosun and the Mokola  bridge, the party through its spokesperson, Lukuman Agboluaje wondered how a bridge of alleged less life-span which is not up to one kilometre could cost 60 per cent  more than another of 2.5-kilometre length constructed almost at the same time and in a similar physical terrain.

The party noted  it was baffled about “the wide gap in the cost of constructing the less than one kilometre Mokola Round-about over-head bridge that the state government says it is costing it N2.5billion and the 2.5-kilometre Lalubu-Ibara-Totoro over-head bridge which was widely reported to have cost Ogun State government N1.5billion”.

The opposition party called for the domestication of Freedom of Information Act.

According to PDP, “it would not be out of place to suspect that the construction cost has been grossly inflated. Since the financial activities of the ACN government are shrouded in secrecy, nobody can rule out the possibility of their having inflated the contract.

“It is only when the government operates in a transparent environment where interested citizens can verify the actual cost of a public work that such suspicion could be removed.”

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