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NIGERIA: MedView Airline makes emergency landing after take-off

MedView Airlines ONE  of the newest entries to the domestic airline operation in Nigeria, MedView Airlines Sunday, made an air return on one of its flights from Lagos to Abuja with 74 passengers onboard around 2:40pm at the domestic wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport Two, MMA2, Lagos.

Vanguard gathered that the pilot had to make an air return back to base at the domestic wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos fifteen minutes after take-off.

Investigation revealed that the air return was taken by the pilot as the best precautionary measure to  averting any air disaster .

At the time of this report, Vanguard could not ascertain the reason behind the air return.

Unconfirmed report claimed there was a massive bang in one of the two engines of the aircraft mid air.

When contacted, Head of Flight Operations, MedView Airlines, Captain Henry Olawole Oke, affirmed that there was an incident on one of the airline’s aircraft en-route Lagos-Abuja, stressing that the pilot did not feel comfortable with the noise that he was hearing onboard the aircraft shortly after take-off, hence he had to make an air return.

According to Mr. Oke”I cannot specifically tell you what happened because I was not on the flight but I learnt that the captain was not comfortable with the noise that he was hearing from the aircraft, so he had to make an air return”

When asked if the noise or bang emanated from one of the two engines, Captain Oke said, ‘’there are several noises that can emanate from an aircraft and for now, we are not sure yet. You know, it could be from pressuration, it could be from the engines, it could be from the air condition, the hydrolic but we can’t say this was where the noise was coming from”

He added that there was no time the aircraft was in danger, saying the pilot flew the aircraft back safely and that they had not even gone up to Ibadan before the incident occurred and they had to come back to base.

Meanwhile, the General Manager, Med-View Airline, Mr. David Babatunde who also confirmed the incident pointed out that air return was normal in global aviation industry adding that the pilot took the best precautionary safety measures by returning to base.

Babatunde stated that the engineers were still looking at the cause of the incident and would submit their findings to the management and the regulatory authority (NCAA).

“On take-off, about 15 minutes in-flight, we had a bang on one of the two engines, an upsurge. So, the captain took a safety precautionary measure and decided to shut down the engine and return to base. The aircraft was heading to Abuja with 74 passengers.

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