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NIGERIA: Chime, his detractors

Governor Sullivan ChimeTHOSE who have been keeping tabs on Governor Sullivan Chime’s administration since he assumed office as governor of the old Eastern Region Enugu state in 2007 could easily testify that unlike his predecessor, he does not seek undue media attention.

He is the people’s governor who believes strongly in people’s-oriented projects and programmes which his government has continue to deliver unhindered to the state.

Before the end of his first term in office, his outstanding performance in the transformation of the state to a modern city made the people  realise that his predecessor wasted eight years in office except for self aggrandizement, inflicting hardship on the people with draconian policies and intimidation.

Chime by his performance so far has  shown that the parameter for measuring good governance is sterling performance.

That is why he has never allowed anything or anybody to distract his leadership vision, not even his political enemies who had continue to wage political battle against him on several occasions ranging from the failed plot to remove him from office through the tribunal in 2009 to the failed attempt to deny him a return ticket on his party platform in 2011.

But in all these battles, he has always triumphed above his detractors, not because he is richer than them or any other thing, but because he is better than them by all standard measurement of a good leader.

Having monitored his pragmatic approach to governance since 2007 and successes recorded so far, I did not worried or panic when a group sponsored by his political enemies decided to throw the state into unwarranted panic and tension over the governor’s accumulated leave which he officially took and constitutionally handed over power to his deputy Sunday Onyebuchi to take over as acting governor of the state.

The group hatched and executed their plots in different ways all in a bid to hoodwink the unsuspecting public to believe and support their fraudulent and politically-motivated agenda.

They first engaged the services of state correspondents of major national dailies through whom they syndicated false stories that Chime’s whereabout was unknown. Later, they alleged that he was secretly brought into the state and flown to India for an undisclosed sickness.

When the gimmicks failed to sail through, they changed tactics by raising false alarm that Chime did not transmit any letter to the State Assembly before embarking on leave and that some cabal close to him had hijacked power from the acting governor.

Always available to be used by the group were the state correspondents who have made themselves Chime’s enemies and have never seen anything good in his government. It could be recall that the same set of state correspondents were also used by Chime’s opponents at the peak of the battle for the state’s PDP governor ticket in 2011.

At this point, balance and objectivity which are two major principles of professional journalism  were sacrificed for speculations and sensations; all for selfish interest.

From the false stories emanating from the state on Chime, columnists, editorial writers, etc without thorough investigation on the true situation in the state joined the bandwagon. But those who have followed the reports of some of the journalists in the state on the activities of Governor Chime’s government since 2007 were not surprise by what they have done so far since Chime went on leave.

No wonder when the idea of using some journalists in the state to syndicate false stories in the newspapers against Chime and his government failed them again, the group who had been working behind the scene secretly with their sponsors to throw the state into political confusion unveiled their identity under the Save Enugu Group tag.

It was at this point that people recognised the men behind the mask in the orchestrated plot to destabilise the state so that a state of emergency would be declared. We all know now the real man behind the mask and what his intentions are; snatch power from governor Chime by all means and give it to his kinsman whom he can easily manipulate for his selfish political interest.

It is now clear that those members of the so called Save Enugu Group who have threatened to occupy Government House Enugu if the acting governor is not empowered  are nothing, but political foot soldiers and cannon fodders of the real man behind the mask . This is just an attempt to bring the government of the state down by hook or crook.

But in all these, kudos should go to the officials of the state government who had despite all obvious provocations by the group had applied wisdom and superior arguments in tackling the matter, instead of resorting to propaganda and crude method that was prevalent during the immediate past government in the state; they have shown that they are capable of holding fort when it was of utmost importance. Also not left out are members of state House of Assembly and the good people of the state who had by their actions shown that they have absolute confidence and support for the Chime administration.

Now that Governor Chime has spoken from his resting place in London where he received some of his colleagues who came to visit him, what next for the so called Save Enugu Group and their sponsors as it is evident that they have exhausted all the political tricks in their bag.

Chime’s speech and appearance in London  and his assurance that he will be back soon has put to an end all the speculations, rumour, grandstanding, death wishes and propaganda by the Save Enugu Group that he is incapacitated and invisible.

It has exposed the political desperation of some people who want to remain relevant politically. If the so called members of Save Enugu Group have any integrity left, they should apologise to Enugu people.

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