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‘My wife pushed me into another woman’s arms’

cheating husbandOur love became a nightmare when he found solace in another woman’s arms and he changed to a wife beater”. A house wife, Mrs Olubunmi Jolaogun, disclosed this while praying an Orile-Agege Grade ‘B’ Customary Court,Lagos to put an end to  her  9-year-old marriage to her husband, Olubode, over desertion and lack of care. The 35-year-old-woman, who lives at 2, Musa Street, Ikotun, told the court that her marriage had been nothing but a nightmare.

”My husband had nothing when I met him, and I was the one taking all the responsibility at home. ”When things started getting better for him, he neglected me and, before I knew it, he had impregnated another woman and spends quality time with her. ”He lied that he was going to Abuja. I later saw the receipt of the hotel he lodged in  here in Lagos during that time,”she said.

”He always accused me of prostituting which I never did; he came to report me to my parents and, in the process, he slapped my elder sister.”

Olubunmi, a mother of two urged the court to dissolve the union and grant her custody of the children. Meanwhile, Olubode, 38, denied the allegations. He said, “I did not leave her. My business took me out of the house. I have always cared  for her and the children. ”While I am away, she doesn’t sleep in the house, and I don’t know where she normally goes. She is extremely stubborn and doesn’t listen to me.

”She has not spent  up to 30 weekends in my house for the past four years and I don’t know why”. Olabode, who lives at 9, Temidire Street, Ikola, Ipaja, Lagos also told the court that his wife had pushed him outside and could not be a caring and responsible husband again if the marriage was not dissolved.

”If the custody of the children is granted her, I want my children to be taken to my parents  every holidays, because my wife’s family contributed negatively to our fight”. The court president, Mr Joseph Adewusi, told the couple to maintain the peace and adjourned the case till Jan 28 for further hearing.

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