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NIGERIA: President Goodluck Jonathan assures of steady power supply by year end

Jonathan assures of steady power supply by year endPresident Goodluck Jonathan has assured Nigeria of a significant improvement in the level of power supply by the end of this year.

Speaking in an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, in Washington, Jonathan, however, disclosed that Nigeria’s power challenges can not be resolved over night, adding that it requires the completion of the overall power infrastructure before stable electricity can be guaranteed.

He maintained that money alone can not resolve the power crisis Nigeria is facing, stating that addressing the problems requires time and much effort.

He said the commitment of the government towards improving the level of power supply is yielding the desired results and majority of Nigerians can testify to that fact.

He said, “We have not got to where we should be and of course you know the power infrastructure is one investment that you must complete the chain before the bulb can light.

“You must generate, you must transmit, you must distribute. And even if you have the money and the political will to do so, you cannot do it over night.

“And we are working very hard, and I promise you that before the end of this year power will be really reasonably stable in Nigeria.

“This is something that has been a problem for years. So you cannot correct it overnight. It takes time, even if you have the money.

Responding to questions on the current state of power supply in Nigeria, Jonathan said, “I would have loved that you asked an ordinary Nigerian on the streets of Lagos, Abuja or any other city, the situation about power.

“That is one area that Nigerians are quite pleased with the government, that our commitment to improve power is working. So if you are saying something different I am really surprised. That is one area that even civil society members agreed that government has kept faith with its promise.”

Jonathan agreed with the fact that Nigeria is losing huge amount of money daily from crude oil stealing and solicited the support of the international community in helping Nigeria stem this nefarious activity.

When you talk about crude oil stealing, yes, I agree with you. Frankly speaking, we want the international community to support Nigeria. This is because this stolen crude is being bought by refineries abroad and they know the crude was stolen.

“The world must condemn what is wrong. The stolen crude is refined abroad, is not refined in Nigeria.”

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