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NIGERIA: 38 cleaners earn salaries as Headmasters in Delta

Cleaners and headmasters in schoolA startling revelation was made yesterday when a total of 38 cleaners, two accountants and a driver were discovered in the payroll of a primary school in the riverine area of the State in which some of the cleaners were re-designated as headmaster Grade III on grade level 07.

The 38 cleaners, the two accountants and one driver were found in the payroll of the school with 48 teachers. State Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education,Professor Patrick Muoboghare who made the discovery when he paid an unscheduled visit to Opukabu Primary school Patani in Patani local government area of the State described the action of those responsible for the act “as outright criminality”.

The Commissioner chastised the officially recognised headmaster of the school and other staff “for conniving with teachers that were not coming to school but collect their salaries at the end of the month”.

He noted that some Chairmen of the Local Government Caretaker Committees had complained to him of the huge wage bills of primary school teachers which had made it impossible for them to pay the salaries and other entitlements of council staff as well as carry out developmental projects.

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