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NIGERIA: I ‘ve delivered to my people, Amaechi replies Orubebe

TRivers state governor amaechihe simmering dispute between Governor Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State and the Minister for Niger Delta,  Elder Godsday Orubebe has now blown into the open with Governor Amaechi now responding to Orubebe’s criticisms.

Orubebe was said to have earlier accused Amaechi of allegedly not showing enough respect for President Goodluck Jonathan.

But Amaechi in a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr Dave Iyofor said it’s worrisome that  Elder Orubebe had not been able to complete a single road project in the region since he came on board as Minister, adding that the Minister had become a burden on the region.

The Governor’s statement read in part, “Ordinarily, I would not respond to the ludicrous, thoughtless and bizarre ranting of the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Godsday Orubebe against the Rivers State Governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, but it has become imperative for me to do this and show clearly that the Minister’s game is just to divert attention from his own ineptitude . Contrary to his  vituperations, Governor Amaechi has tremendous respect for the office of the President of Nigeria and President Goodluck Jonathan. The office of the President of Nigeria is a big institution that deserves utmost respect and it would not be right  for anyone to disrespect Mr. President, which unfortunately the Minister  is doing by dragging the President’s name into his inability to deliver on the East –West Road.

‘’ The Minister conveniently forgets that the same Amaechi he  now disparages and  accuses of not respecting Mr. President, led Rivers’ people to overwhelmingly vote for and gave President Jonathan the highest votes by any state in the country at the last Presidential elections. What respect, regard and show of love is bigger than that?

‘’His  reckless attacks on the person of Governor Amaechi is an obvious attempt to divert attention from his abysmal failure to deliver on the East- West road. This callous attempt to drag the President’s name into it is what is most disrespectful and irresponsible. I challenge the Minister  to show the world; projects he started and completed in the Niger-Delta as Minister of Niger-Delta affairs. I challenge him to show the world one project he started and completed in Rivers State with the huge resources allocated to his ministry. Or is Rivers State not part of the Niger-Delta…?

’’In the same vein, I challenge him to come to Rivers State at anytime of his choice and since he could not see Governor Amaechi’s monumental developmental strides and projects in the state, I will be most delighted to show him the kilometres upon kilometres of brand new roads and bridges, the world-class new hospitals and health centres scattered all over the state; the exquisite primary and secondary schools that have become the models for many, the robust urban renewal programme, and many more developmental projects of the Amaechi administration. I will advise him to make sure he brings the press along as well; so the media will be quick to remind him that they saw the projects with him.

“ The Minister should please face the simple task of completing one road; just the East- West road, as this  diversionary attempt to attack Governor Amaechi will not complete the road that is most dear to the hearts and lives of Niger-Deltans.”

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