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NIGERIA: Awka people protest alleged land deals

HUNDREDS of youths from villages that make up Ezinano community in Awka, the capital of Anambra State, yesterday, took to the streets to protest alleged illegal acquisition of their land by a group in the area.

Waving placards as they moved from one part of Awka to the other, the protesters gave the state government a two-week ultimatum to stop those they tagged a  cabal from their shady deals.

Their chairman, Comrade Obi Ochije, who addressed a large crowd of people at the popular Aroma junction in the heart of the state capital, alleged that some individuals sold a large expanse of land belonging to Ezinano community to some unnamed persons without recourse to the original owners.

According to him, over 70 hectares of land was sold with each plot sold N6.1 million by the group which pocketed the money.

Ochije said: “The youths have been restive over this matter and that is why we have decided to embark on this peaceful protest. We do not want to cause any violence, but if nothing is done on this issue within the two weeks, the youths will react appropriately.

“Ezinano community comprising 20 villages is the original owner of the land. Our agreement with the state government is that if it acquires the land, it should be used for projects that will be beneficial to the people, but what is happening is different from the agreement reached with the community”.

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